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Rob As it may, or is trixie over here that he'd get high shit into past ten minutes got high, and not that I got the giggles, and he's like thirty five years old, and he's acting like a child right now. She's just had a lot of Stella Artois is that what it is okay? We're still in Pittsburgh. I won't even go into how much I love this place. Talk I'm not I'm not even GonNa go there however. Birthday just. Suck I feel better now. Because one of my favorite people just walked in the room. That Sarah Miller. She's here right, right? Like a little Ninja. High. One thing I want to touch on here. I Rob. I'm not even looking at Sarah Right. Now I'm looking straight through her and looking at you right now. I have an announcement to make. What's that Sarah's a baby? She is. He's having a baby. She actually. Having Child I'm excited to be the first podcast or to analysis. Okay. Now, she's already had the child. But I told you that you'd be the first one she did now. I'll I forgive you I love you. Sarah had messaged me, and then we ended up talking and she said I'm practicing sent me a picture. And I'm like Oh my God. You're? In the boom okay, womb baby! Little peanut peanut. And I'm like Oh my God. That's amazing I'm happy love. And she's the one that mentioned. Let's do podcasts awesome. She was going to wait and do the gender reveal. On the podcast and let it out there. I still haven't officially done the gender veal. Actually you have it. And I'm getting so so. Here's a funny thing. Funny Story. This happened just yesterday I posted a picture of my baby and Oh. My God what a gorgeous little boy! Only God! She's such a beautiful little girl so There's still a little bit. There's some clarity over here so technically. This is still yours okay. Make the official announcement. It right here, reveal go ahead. I am having. Girl Oh my God. I'm so excited. I'm like I'm uncle Scotty again. And I said I said this. Dude we can do this with you. Won't to and she's like I just gotTa. Make sure he's okay with. and. Literally. What was it two days here? You announced you were pregnant. I'm like. I was like what the fuck. Anywhere I'm not mad. I'm excited for you, guys. I'm happy and so are you back to work? What's going on with you right now? I never really stopped. Working I haven't seen you in for. I know well I literally worked up until three days before I. I had her really yeah. Wow now. I, feel! Lazy Shit. Well what else was I going to I? Get it, but I feel lazy now I'm just saying that was going out of my mind. Sure you where you are. You're very easily bored or boral Ersan just made that word well. Look seriously like they say there's this thing called nesting when you're a woman and you're having a baby, or whatever, and like you have to get all your stuff together. Well I did the nesting thing I redid. My House painted. A drywall got everything together I threw out all this junk and took me about two and a half weeks. Shit Yeah and then. I was planning on taking a bit more time off before she got here and. Three days into it. I was like all right cool like we really need I need to do something. I can't just sit around the house. There's nothing more to do and I'm Kinda blanket to blankets. You NIGGA YEP. Oh, Shit! She's a knitter now I was. No! She's not a knitter anymore. She was a nigger. Picker. fucked up. This whole started this thing. Hey, everybody hits Sarah Miller on here. I before I forget because I will just go all over the place most people know your instagram should anyway but go hidden thrown out here anyway, Oh okay, so if y'all haven't heard of me I'm Sarah Miller. Instagram is Sarah Miller. Tattoo it's pretty easy I bear. Basically it was just posting pictures of like tattoos and stuff before now posted pictures of tattoos and my baby. Yeah kind of. My My fiance he's he's look a little private, so don't. I'm not really like putting her out as much but I'm just so proud of her I. Just I have to Brag on her after in. It is what it is, and that's what I was saying while ago because it was a private thing with him, and that's why I'm I wasn't mad because. New York talked about it and excitement was there again, and it was like three o'clock in the morning. And it popped up. I happen to be awake I was like this motherfucker again? I ain't mad. I would love to have done it, so we're just GONNA pretend like we did. You heard it here first anyway. I'll. Be Girl. It's girls girls. She is she's a girl, a little peanut girl? Yeah, the most adorable. She's actually not a peanut well. Right. Cholera Lagoon. Not a peanut. Peanuts would be boys. I think. WE'LL TAKE A. We'll. We'll ask questions about that later, but anyway. Rob Yes you have anything you want to ask her. Anything everything. Off Air. Doesn't nothing you can say own air. was last time US officer yesterday. Yeah, work this book, does so you Sir how you doing? I'm one of your oldest friends. You didn't get into a four and I was in the middle of canal well. Them It. How's your fucking mouth feeling? Well, it's OK. Talking after root, CANAL! That was yesterday the more off today. It's a couple advil. It's okay I one of the downsides of having a baby supposedly as as a tattoo artist. Okay, first of all. We're pretty awful when it comes to taking care of ourselves. True story, fuck an awful. So on top of that pregnancy brain, you forget ship, and then you have a baby in the calcium so. I broke a tooth. Eating. He nuts actually ate a Bagel with cream cheese, and it was a soft Bagel, your tooth on a fucking Bagel on a soft Bagel not even toasted. Took over calcium. Holy Shit! Yeah was can molar to. Damn what now you can.

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