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A year later in about twenty minutes from now make sure you stick around for that coming up in state and local news at five thirty two how to inmates were able to break out of jail in Monterey county in the tech in the town of Salinas and how one can was able to buy a vape pen and then got sick after this from NPR live from NPR news in Culver city California I'm to Wayne brown one week from today the house intelligence committee will hold its first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry of president trump as NPR's Claudia Chrysopolis tells us the probe is focusing on claims trump held up US military aid to Ukraine in exchange for the country's president digging up dirt on trump's political rival Joe Biden and his son the committees will first hear from state department officials William Taylor George can't they raise concerns in private testimony that military aid was withheld for a political probe on Friday former ambassador to Ukraine Marie of honor which is expected to testify state department officials have said you're one of its face the campaign to force her out of her post NPR's Claudia grist solace Democrats have made public hundreds of pages of testimony taken behind closed doors saying it shows trump held back the aid to Ukraine to benefit his own political ambitions Democrats will control both legislative chambers in Virginia following last night's election as Megan Pauley of member station V. P. M. reports that means the Commonwealth could soon be a major battle ground over gun control governor north and convened a special session on gun legislation in July following a mass shooting in Virginia beach but the Republican controlled legislature adjourned almost immediately saying they needed more time to study the bills now with Democrats poised to take control in the capital north them says gun law reforms like universal background checks and a ban on assault style weapons will be a top priority these high capacity.

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