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Busy. That is the craziest stage of life is especially a young mom of little ones. Julia. That's for sure, but now you're back in the united, states. In Salem Oregon. Not necessarily a planned. Exit was it. I. Tell me a little bit about that. so we? We had just come back to reporter. Churches, we just been back in states year ago about this time, and we were intending to go back two years, and which is kind of the term for. Her. But we also discovered in that year. That our son has some special needs developmental. Delays! And that Latvia basically didn't have any treatment for it. That, we have been traveling to lend in twice a year to get treatment for him in intensive block, and then trying to manage home, so there were some concerns on the way to the states who went to London, began and kind of her. Update about how? Our hope therapy was helping him or not. So we? After that trip, we kinda had in our hearts that you know possibly by the time in school that we need to be transitioning back. But we were also right on the edge of starting ministry for College Students, so that was our intention to come back in June and start this. Ministry for college students in August. And did you ever make it back, so he made it back. So we. Were there for the summer and then basically? Income the next. This school year. that. Was Koga related. But. During that time, it was made clear that it might be better if we saw treatment sooner than.

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