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I'm trying to struggle I think about that I pass that you can walk and then once again, that's that's incredible story. But you know for people that I've got so when you talk about Hellfire pass and want to start said that those guys came out of changing printed in Singapore and tell them was sent down to change to do the the raw way down there and now this will send down the same dark and things like that. And when you hear the stories of how they how they were punished and how they suffered and things like that. It's just extraordinary system will fire pass amazing. It's a dark and isn't actually walked the whole the whole way. I mean, Well, I'll tell you what should I tell you on on bodypump item ready to run through a brick wall just to send these Pockets. It is exactly why we connected with you why I'm so grateful that you you give up some of your time might join us on the media podcast a special edition at early superstars make a note of the special edition method and talk to you to you guys right now. I just feel like I feel like a little kid that my Autos got a lot. It's pretty well. I tell you what, it is special and of course the ratings and then when I think back about Dakota has so many times. I'm watching TV and firemen and wolf and I will just say an image will go what's that remind you of you know, and and it's just then of course that leads into a whole new lot of conversations and memories and it's it's not significant and and relevant in terms of the the experience. I want to say, thank you. Mighta I know that I thanked you for and and certainly post our adventures. But thank you publicly wage. For the amazing work you've done not just for me and my group the 95 plus the all the people you've employed the difference you've made in Papua New Guinea because of of your commitment and of course, thank.

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