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Magic. Think for one. It was multiple guys. And you know who's getting ship you already with a lot of fouls I'm being called both ways and then for that you know push someone in the back so it's just a push. I thought I should double check second. They WanNa Jack Jack other big of a deal for you that just stand up your guys. Sometimes it's pushing. Sometimes it's hard thousand times. It's whatever you have to do this time a push and I could really get to them so I just pushed the pile minister and make sure everybody moves pushed the policy. Bush put the basketball. The Bush Bush perfect. It was the rare quadruple technical. Double ejection like you. Don't see that action like what happened. All we need to action the one. That's an injection. Well first they always go after the third or fourth guy. Because they're looking they're looking for the people that really have no dog in the fight. Scher but like Dwight light and was it gave out of nowhere. It was Jonathan Isaac with Dwight wasn't Isaac I can't remember I don't remember who it was dwight but like those guys had a direct act dog in the fight but then you start getting and neither of them cared. Both of them. Were kind of like walking away but then you get the third especially. Let's be honest. Dudley Dudley. was really really taken this thing up. Here's what he was the equivalent of. And this is what I always think is the most amazing thing about the mouse at the palace you know the Pistons Pistons the Pacers. When Meta went then run? Our test went into the stands. I don't condone what he did. Of course and as much as that fan instigated instigated him. You cannot have players going into the stands Ron got suspended should have been suspended. I Love Meta. He's a great guy. Yeah needed to get suspended. But but at least he was directly addressing something that happened directly to him. He had a dog in the fight. When Stephen Jackson went into the stand Steve You could see he was like man? I need never get an opportunity to something like this again. I am going Ham. Stephen I get to hit fans like I do this. Oh well yeah. By the way Gordon trying to protect Ron. He wasn't trying to. I'm all for like I. I'm not a fan of these fights at all like I. I hate seeing any of it what we saw yesterday. I don't know if this is just today's NBA but I think even in today's NBA. You would have thought something. Dangerous happened on the court yesterday. Literally nothing happened. How's that not just a technical for everybody and let's get back out here employees? I think they're basically saying jared and I forget who is the other guy that got ejected. Yeah basically saint knock it off. You guys are being you guys are bringing nonsense to this. AD on Jared Dudley play..

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