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John Aaron Rodgers sixteen and four lifetime against the bears. The Green Bay Packers won five straight against them. Nine of the last ten, of course, there was the twenty point lead that vanished at Lambeau back in week one. But his WB M's. Jeff Joni AC reports, it's not mattering a whole lot to the coaches and players at Halas hall now. Matter what has happened in the recent past between the bears and Packers is your relevant to head coach Matt Nagy when it pertains to the two thousand eighteen version of the guys don't care. I won't care. I care about us in our history and our tradition. I don't care about what's happened here in the past as far as streaks and wins and losses and. Me. It means nothing. So our players. I haven't talked about it. I'm pretty sure they don't carry their this is a this is a new a new thing for us as a new day and these bears. Want to flip the script? Carbon the bears Jeff Johnny act news, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. Allen Robinson had limited practice time yesterday as he battles a hip issue about the LA chargers. They're now tied with Kansas City for the top of the AFC west and therefore the one seed in the conference at eleven three the chargers beating the chiefs twenty nine twenty eight last night a two point conversion on the final play Philip rivers to Mike Williams decided the game rivers had thrown a touchdown pass to William seconds before. So with a one point deficit the chargers could have tried to send the game to overtime. They chose not to win for two and it works out to the good for them to the bulls losing in Mexico City last night toward Landau ninety seven ninety one Nicole abusive. It's twenty six points for the winners. And the bulls also announcing Jabari Parker will not be a part of. The regular team playing rotation. He only played four minutes last night bears and Packers Sunday. Our pregame nine AM kickoff at noon on your home of the bears. Dave Kerner, NewsRadio seven eighty and one zero five point nine FM. Maybe you know, exactly how.

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