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This is wgn radio live in the allstate showcase studio on michigan avenue and there's a pretty drug unit studio from houston the dog is named coco we talked to colette bradley last week public relations manager the anticruelty society in chicago 169 west granted grand lasalle anticruelty society is and you guys say you're going to get some dogs from houston you did near yesterday dead yesterday sir how many we got eighty taught all they flew them up here yes so this is one of the dogs and by the way we took video or are taking video of this dog and my interacting with it you can see how the dog deals with the perfect stranger coco is a we have is a pitbull mex i'd say she's next but the hound fisher just spaced off our walk over here and she walks in you'll see and we will look at the video you'll see beautiful light brown colored would you describe the color as not sandy brown may be as little i don't know what the color is is a light brown colored dog uniform and color has kind of the head of a pitbull but the body of a hound it's it's not as pit bully as some pit bull mixes are but this dog just won't stop wagoner tale and she hasn't bark to once yet i was asked you a needle notice dog there well you discover yesterday that if she's a barker is she a noisy dog she hasn't been yet has shot yet lower puzzle i am i know she puts her head and your lap and when i came over to her she was so affection it to me bingo in daisy if you're listening this is how you're supposed to treat your master good grief what did you say the waited as doug has about forty pounds maybe a little lasts has given us hotel a she butter is a mediumsized mediumsized neck's and shoot so shoe's on an airplane for three hours probably yesterday add they drove to tulsa oklahoma and.

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