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Courage. Glenn beck. Nancy pelosi. Nancy pelosi. She cares about you kids. She does she's from California. She's doing everything she can now to make sure she's reelected in January tour spot as house speaker. Now reasons Nancy Pelosi could give because she's led the democratic caucus for sixteen years and under her the house did shift hands. In fact, it was speaker Pelosi that was under President, George W Bush and Barack Obama no reasons he actually gave. Well, she's a woman and really what more do you need to say really during an interview on CBS Sunday Pelosi said, you can't have the four leaders of congress and the president of the United States these five people and not have the voice of a woman. Why not? I mean, I thought women were different over. Oh, they are forgot especially she went on to say when women are the majority of the voters the workers in the campaigns. And now this glorious victory. Thank you comrade. It's the pink wave. They're calling that now the pink wave a rise in women politicians supposedly in reaction to Donald Trump. Now, here's the general argument as described by politico, quote, push her out and men may take over the party at a time. When more than one hundred women are heading to Capitol Hill and after female voters have been thoroughly alienated by President Donald Trump embrace her and she'll prioritize legislation empowering women on issues ranging from equal pay to anti harassment legislation. Now, of course, she has reason to use identity politics instead of merit. Because there's an effort to to unseat her because a lot of Democrats don't like the things that she's claiming our victories at least nine representatives have come forward and said that Pelosi will be out firemen velvet-velvet said I'm one hundred percent confident we can forge new leadership and this led by Representative Ed Pearl mutter from Colorado. These are the representatives have openly called for Pelosi's outing Bill foster Seth Moulton from Illinois the democrat from Massachusetts woman while she's a sell out tour gender. Kathleen rice, Tim Ryan from Ohio, Kurt trader from Oregon, Connor lamb from Pennsylvania and also from Texas campaign staff for incoming representatives of Abigail span burger from Virginia Jason Crowe from Colorado. Have also said they're not going to be voting for Pelosi. If they have a single ounce of dignity left. They won't. And it won't be because she's a woman. It's Wednesday November fourteenth. You're listening to the Glenn Beck program. So my staff of millennials are talking about adulting..

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