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Him already the show then there's reagan she's like the ditsy one very selfdescribed dumb one description later on kristin says the name uncommon james came about because james as my daughter's middle name and jay came up with uncommon am i loved it and it stuck so we have no idea what time like trinkets like excessive like jewelry and stuff trinkets it's sort of a hodgepodge of things okay here we go quiz time this look what's the quiz the quiz i'm quitting you on the first episode of very cavalry that i didn't watch didn't watch what does jay cutler bring into the kitchen in the very first scene of very lori is it a case of beer be dirty clothes see a cooler of meat or dea a stack of old newspapers okay well he doesn't read so it's not newspapers the way you described him he he could be meat but he sounds like an asshole so it's probably be which was what again dirty clothes dirty clothes for she could no laundry it was see a cooler of meat what kind of meat is in the cooler dear me rabbit meat goat meat or elk meat while those are all like hick stereotype meets let's say elk meat it's element ding ding ding you got it right hey that what that killed they never bring that up again and the rest of the episode it's just like he's like about the meat and she's like he's like it's the recipes in her like no no no no no what's the first thing jay cutler says to kirsten right after president and kristen is it why are you so dressed up when did you go to sleep last night do you want some coffee or don't go into the bathroom okay you wrote do you want some coffee don't go into the bathroom is funny but i don't is it don't go to the bathroom no it's a why are you so dressed up which is really funny because chris trying to make it seem like natural but she's way to dress up because it's a reality show and he just comes in and says why are you drinking he's clearly has no idea like win the show is shooting at all like the cameras just there and he goes why are you so dressed up and she goes to work why are you so dressed up to work anyway he's not into it he's the reason to watch the show okay next up what is reagan's nickname is it poopie is it ray ray or is it the blonde with the big tits i don't like any of those answers the the last one it's all of the above okay next up shannon opens the show by breaking the law what law does she break she drives drunk she doesn't wear seat belt she uses her phone while driving or she speeds in a school zone she uses her fellow driving she she's at an instagram post how does britney spell britney she's from the south she's the one from philadelphia oh probably be r i t t a n y close but no cigar itt a i n y no that's known you don't get you don't get to tease and two is okay but she does she does she does what is what is kristen's nickname for j she's like this is what i call jay is it nature is it lame is is it husband impossible or but cut why would it be les miz what's les miz about the last one it's les mis what is lame is always miserable so she calls him les mis is he liked the most iconic new character on our i think so look it's like honestly what do you do all day i like to keep myself pretty free so something does pop up to it yes or no yes or no question does kristen cavalry usa pop socket yes no trick question kelly her best friend or one of her best friends does what kind of pop socket does kelly us is it a moon is it a rose gold metallic diamond is it a chill pill or is it black marble it's black marble it's black marble last question schedule keep score didn't keep score well how many how many i is kristin cavallari wear an episode one of very cavalry one what season is it does it's very unclear i think it's like a sort of it's a fall early fall seem sorta hot one for two firs three firs or.

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