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Host, Richard Serra, are this band soul asylum. Formed in Minneapolis. And this song runaway train won a Grammy. Award for best rock song. Interesting. The video for the song featured children that had run away. Actual runaways and twenty six missing children were found as a result. So wonderful story. And it's a it's a wonderful song. We're talking about brushes with rod greatness. Or maybe you have a rock and roll ghost story. Elvis has apparently been quite busy since making his way to the great beyond at least. If you accept the multiple reports from true believers who claim to have seen him lingering the hallways at Graceland. Also, the former RCA studios in Nashville if you haven't been there check it out get down to Nashville and and a lot of. When Elvis wasn't recording in in Los Angeles or in the jungle room at Graceland. He was at RCA studios and. Some speculate that if he's not dead may be or if he is dead. Maybe it's Andy Kaufman. Maybe Elvis's Eddie Kaufman. But then some people don't think Andy Kaufman's did either a great story to about Dan ackroyd, an fellow knock who resides a few hours north of Toronto. I believe up in up near Kingston and his Los Angeles home. He believes and he's a real life ghostbuster. Right. He's he's he he really believes in the paranormal and he believes that the late Cass Elliot of the mamas and Papas is haunting that LA home. And she lived there before he did. So he may be onto something. All right. Your rock stories brushes with rock greatness or rock ghost stories on the other side. Just a reminder that tonight into Sunday morning. I'll be back in the air chair with the publisher of world net daily WMD dot com. Joseph farah. The publisher and founder he'll talk about the war against alternative news. And what really went down in the garden of Eden bestselling author Carl Gallup's will join me for the final three hours. His latest book is the gods of ground zero. That's all coming up tonight into Sunday morning on coast to coast. We'll be right back with your calls. Stay with us..

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