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Who am i thinking just did it because i knew he would think about that. George clinton sorry i. He's he's a mason funk here i think i think a lot of people would would agree that there. There is tangible benefit To these organizations both for the individuals involved and for Often for the communities right in which those Those lodges exist like to the point about the shriners and Funding medical care for For the medium for children. I think i think they get vilified sometimes like we never did an episode on the anti masonic party which confirms my standing theory. That if you want I if you want something like that like a political party Or religion to be successful. You have to be aspirational and offering something. You can't found a party just against something as wanted. God you know. God i mean like no more polar bears club. The polar bears are extinct But we already spent all this money On the On the chips and dip in the catering. So we're we're still going to get together. Wow that's really that's really great but this example but this is this is something relevant at some point. Everybody listening right now. We're watching this. Go out find a list of the former supreme court justices within the united states that were are members of free and accepted masons It's just interesting to see like when it comes to law and politics been as you as you noted earlier a lot of people who are in government or organization. Would i be correct in assuming that many of them who were freemasons would be more on the progressive tip then conservative or is there really not much of a line there much of a line. Obviously it's tough because the definition of what is or is not considered conservative or progressive has changed so much over just a few centuries. You know like of course. We're not that far away. From the time when women voting was considered to be like this radical extreme idea. What's next we're gonna to blow up the moon. And then later you know a few decades ago we thought about doing just that well first important. Former freemason to me is clearly robert pershing wad low The tallest human on record Who i believe is the guy that you'll see a sculpture of outside. Most ripley's believe it or not locations world over. And i think handsome family has has a beautiful heartbreaking song about him i did not know he was a mason. Put it make sense also. Matt i am sorry. I don't want to keep us going too long on this. But to the point you raised about the justices. I would ask. Is it possible that people the higher levels of government Or maybe of business as well Just tend to do more extra curricular activities you know are they also like overachievers. You're saying are they big in their. Hoa do they go get a public notary certification because they just like the certificate i mean are they members of toastmasters as well rotarians probably philanthropic organizations club. Everything yet yeah. The whole nine all good ones. It certainly is encouraged. You know when you're in school. You gotta get those extra curricula up to get into a good college. It makes sense. We're we're talking about the differences in ideologies within within members of freemasonry thing about this the first director of the fbi. J. edgar hoover the guy who called martin luther king junior. Think i can't tell you the exact quote but the most dangerous man. Essentially within the united states at one point in time the person who instituted co intel pro and spying on people who were attempting to capture their civil liberties inequality that guy was a freemason also someone who was on the other side fighting for civil rights. Reverend jesse jackson was a freemason or is it just really interesting to me that you can have this wide swath of belief in things that you would fight for and going president's skull and bones think about that point also strom thurmond tori asli Dixie crat the republican senator From from the state of georgia. If i'm not mistaken. I hope burns. He's bad gang bag bad guy Last one and then definitely remember. There's a lot of interesting names here to talk about is. This was not aware of this. Just as like a little. Bit of trivia william howard taft who was not only the president of the united states but also held the position of chief justice of the us supreme court. And he's the only man never to have headed up these two to bridge. Us government only president to be stuck in a bathtub as well auditor in just as a counterpoint. You know who else richard pryor We'll pause here Please keep writing to us with your inside experiences With with the freemasons. We would love to hear about your time in a masonic order. Whatever you're comfortable sharing with us most importantly let us know. If for some reason it needs to be anonymous Let us know about pointer fitters and let us know about what the what the what the red line misdemeanors are you know. And how late can our library books etc. But if you want to learn a little bit more do check out. Our past episodes. Check out our youtube channel. Youtube dot com slash conspiracy stuff with also explore Things like albert. Pike and a couple of other things will be of interest to people who want to learn more about masonic history. Oh and Shout to june support lodge one eighty eight also blue lodge for life the blue lodge because that is makes me think of twin peaks gyco presents left brain versus right brain. You know we should switch to geico picking up your down buddy. We could save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance. Ooh with that kind of scratch. 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