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I didn't kind of turnarounds term dart data which is what i hear from somebody an asset but there's i don't in the twenty had a bites of data somewhere but then when you look at it are the only see forty tear bites and so it's like well aware there's all day that must be we know it's dane and exists we just can't nobody can didn't you know ranks online somewhere that it was and the so it makes it really hard to compare down the you know because what we are a bit so i think the big spot on that that a lot of people are working on at these events now that it they're starting to realize is that it's kind of easy stuff i was stunned it's like pretty trivial but now it's diving in and just kind of doing that it took that work to find but they have behinds go wet absent behind the win and engaged and some of that's all the market and so and i was a lot of web scrape in and stated attractive work is i think the main focus now and then also i kind of questions around long term sustainability and there's a lot of our guys getting involved so you know that are kind of is getting of alternates archives a couple hundred terrorizing what's really cool about them and that they have sure rather commitment to their storage so you notify what's there to guarantee is better forever an asterisk is there kind estimate is at least any years so just pretty good right right and so i think that there's a grigs like internet archive an eye they're university is and working with the california additional librarian have a lotta space on the university california system and bay so that you see system roster did is it about that as so the federal government is the leading about that house when you know.

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