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Camp curb your enthusiasm season i observed four is over but where just getting started here on the curb your enthusiasm postshow recap of podcast the vowed something and now here the two guys who are never vying for the title of most pretentious man the world i'm rob sustain a near where the keeper winokur keyed how are you others say here to guys who have never played tiddlywinks before have you play tiddlywinks i would be lying i have played tiddlywinks and i'm not talking about when i have one of these short air flight i don't know if doing so still around i don't know if they made it worked you know they made it past the millennial generation i'm not sure i'm not sure i keep have you ever had the pants with these short fly i do think i have some of these like banana republic pant they have um are are like very this flies a really short yeah these malehda space the i i don't think i wear pants that our trendy enough to have a short fly well my mom just gets me tampi like hey can get like you know the bigger flocked has your model jennifer uncovered zhu yuccas what happens is when i go to my mom's house she will see that our mike dressed like a hobo we're almost person and she like give me her like a credit card and say like go go by yourself pants and then would invariably happens is she gives me literally a banana republic card why she has banana republic card i have no idea and then i go there and they say are you melissa and i say no enter like you have to you you can't use the cart then i get suckered into paying for expensive pens myself that would never bought otherwise and then if the awkward thing where like aren't mom you'll milic two hundred fifty bucks but like really you paid for like my college in my life and like i probably all you like five million dollars smuggling but still i i will if my parents only five dollars i will ask them for it.

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