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His right middle finger he goes on the 15 -day engine list retroactive to July 1st Miller is expected to rejoin the rotation after the All -Star break elsewhere Braves outfielder Ronald Lacuna Jr. has become the first player with at least 20 runs home 40 solo bases and 50 runs batted in by the All -Star break angel sucker Mike Trout had to Monday's leave game against the Padres with a wrist injury after falling off a pitch Trout was chosen to his 11th All -Star game on Sunday the Dodgers placed left -hander Clayton Kershaw on the 15 -day injured list with inflammation in his pitching shoulder Kershaw won three Cy Young awards will miss what would have been his 10th All -Star game WNBA the storm visits the Connecticut Sun on Thursday I'm Joel Stern Northwest News when was the last time roof your roof was inspected if you have concerns or maybe you're seeing some moss up there check out high -performance homes These guys will give you three quotes to choose from so you can pick the right option for your budget and when high -performance homes comes your out to home you'll get one of the most thorough consultations you'll ever receive from a roofing company these guys will actually get on your roof they'll take pictures and videos of every square inch then they'll provide an accurate bid right there on the spot down to the last penny the HPH team is so dialed in they have mastered all installation guidelines and they'll protect you with their leak free guarantee so if anything goes wrong they'll always make it right guaranteed it's truly a white glove red carpet experience take advantage of special in -house financing then save your spot on their install schedule today for your new high performance roof windows siding and solar schedule your consult at HPHUSA .com that's HPHUSA .com HPHUSA no .com one in this audience is going to go out and sue a company just for some kind of scam we're not like that it's Todd Herman I know what it's like to have an insurance company not do the right thing it almost cost me half a million dollars and if I'd needed a lawyer I know who I'd call I recommend that you give the law firm have held car call if you've been at a car accident let car deal with the insurance company so you don't have to his last really name is car spelled C A R R he was born to do this work car accident call car visit car attorney .com you love him or you hate him what's that surprises yes that depends on the kind of surprise about how a surprise present good surprise how about a leaky water heater surprise bad surprise what about a backed up dream no thanks how about how about we get back to the good surprises this may come as a surprise another we make bad surprises go away because you're apollo plumbing you call we come it's fixed right by our clean screen trained and trusted plumbers love the text you send to let me know they're on the way apollo plumbing arrives when promised naturally giving you options so i can choose right with a guaranteed upfront price so there are no surprises as it should be that's why our trucks are packed with parts tools and everything needed so you can get it done right the first time that's our goal saving me time plus apollo plumbers clean up like we were never there why can't everyone do it that way i find that surprising that's what makes you apollo plumbing i'm and and that's my promise no surprises from apollo plumbing anyway apollo plumbing dot com

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