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Today is Monday, September 6th 249th Day of 2021 For those who are playing on at home. There were 116 days left in the year and this is Labor day. Uh, hello out there. Peabody and Sherman here. Hello. Know about this amusing little gadget at the time machine. I call it a way back. We just said it. Turn it on. Open the door, and there we are, were really and we were in this day in 15 22 watching is one of Ferdinand Magellan's five ships returned to Spain. Completing the first successful circumnavigation of the world. Only 15 of the original 265 sailors survived the journey. Jelen would be killed, not in a mutiny was a Was it? Some natives on an island. I can't. I can't remember. Exactly. Magellan. You know, a great hero of Portugal. Um, Magellan is Portuguese. Lenny. What are you talking about? 19 Oh, one President William McKinley was shot while attending the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. He died eight days later. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt took over the presidency. Roosevelt was in, um he was in, uh, he was Out in some well wasn't a national park, but he was out in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the wilderness, and they had to go get him. 1966 social reformer Margaret Higgins Sanger died at the age of 86. She founded Planned Parenthood, but now they have taken her name. Off of almost everything you know, for years. Um, the pro life movement has been critical. Of Margaret Sanger. And saying that she was a racist. She spoke to a Klan rally. Um, she believed that if you were African American, you know you were not. You weren't up to par as a human being. And I know she did. She did. But they ignored all of that until George Floyd. And then it was decided, okay? Yeah, We can't deny the actual history of Margaret Sanger. Um and you know she believed in eugenics, which is actually what the Nazis believed in. You purify the race, right? Oh, you get any rid of anyone with defects, and there was the Margaret Sanger reward, and people like Hillary Clinton would receive that they would give it out once a year. Well, um Yeah, the the truth about her. Finally was realized and accepted. But it took the whole George Floyd thing for that to happen. 1991, the name of Russia's second largest city was changed from Leningrad back to ST Petersburg. Thank God I know. 1995 the jury hearing, the O. J. Simpson trial heard tapes in which police detective Mark Furman uttered racist slurs, and he was working with some Hollywood script writer Now he claims he was using. He used the n word. He claimed he was using these words because he was, you know, speaking in the in the street language and trying to help the the writer understand the You know the character of Detective and Yeah. That that, you know, I mean, that word. Get to the jury that he had used that So then all of his evidence was, you know, considered suspect. 1997 Princess Diana's funeral took place in London, England. The funeral was broadcast live around the world. Elton John performed a reworked version of his song Candle in the Wind, which was originally released as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. Goodbye. England's Rose was used as a tribute. Princess Diana. 2000 and four former President Clinton underwent a quadruple coronary artery bypass operation and New York Presbyterian Hospital after complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath a week earlier now. I met him on the vineyard on my 40th birthday, and it was just it was just before this, Um This, uh This getting this surgery. And he had lost a lot of weight. I almost didn't recognize him when I saw him since he had left office, he went on the Mediterranean diet. I think it is, and he had lost a lot of weight. But apparently he had some artery in his heart. That was 99% blocked. Now you would think all the years he was president. Something like that would show up. I I don't know. You would think something like that would show up. 2016 astronaut Jeff Williams and two Russian cosmonauts landed back on Earth. The three left the international space station in a Soyuz.

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