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Of the street, talk family while in between episode the you can follow social media. Nikki Nikki Boyer on Twitter, and I am Nikki Boyer honest guy bags Malone is bags Malone check it. His podcast, gay, gay, gay. Gay podcast? Uh-huh. And under the bus effect, yes. C. j. c. j. c. j. a. y. a. y. f. e.. Mark is the bookkeeping, j rod is Josh disco Rodriguez, underscore. I'm Hello Ross on everything. And the show is Hello Ross pod. Born Facebook dot com or face what is it straight, straight up with Ross, everyone's got it. Make sure you listen to the show the Saturday one or seven point one, seven, three, modify 'em dot com. Five PM seven PM civic time. It's fun show. So if you like it, no, on that show, I get to play a little bit deliver that. I like Sean. You know what I mean? I like I played the pass on Joan. He's we would play, but strikes and. And I thought, wouldn't it be fun to play one of my favorite Barbra Streisand songs as this week's cherry on the Sunday. I love it. This is from the Broadway. I'll them listen to how she sells this song by song written by Sondheim from Sunday in the park. This is Barbara Streisand. She's cherry on the Sunday. Here's putting it together. I spent a lot of time working on. Look what? How in middle America. Anyway, that's for sure is right. Why aren't it's just not commercial? What is commercial with selling nowadays? Personally, I'm. Nice good over into this kind of material. You have to pay a price. We like to give. Ice result? Think about it. Stand this kind of thing to get to work. I disagree. What is your way to hear what your old stuff on his an easy go appeal to even when you're would wanna make an album like advancing as. Financing, it has not take chances visions does division of it's only in your head. If no one gets the here, it, it's good as dead about your career and has to come. What. Spun piece. Only the work of every moment makes contribution never let addictive place upon the Asians, no singing Sherman. Everything depends on expansion putting it together. What. Spy. I have to make the work of, I. A good foundation. Otherwise, it's risky from the stock little cocktail conversation, but without the proper ratio and just the. Everything depends on executing the auto of making. Is putting it together, fight mint, all. By making the connection here. Bye. During taking every as it comes to play the politician beyond base in terms of what you find your position. Gonna get. Aw. Keep things at scale to do. Little Phil come a patient of the funds. Every time I stop to feel defensive. I remember vinyl. Liz expect. Maybe. Building up the. By keeping distance doesn't pay them. On. Away a little bit of can be affected, keep it in perspective, even when you get some ignition everything, do you still out there. They have a one repetition, what they keep Keep them in. tradition. Intuition, feel position. So that your work can be on extension. They tell you Phil. Your new around the. And. By bit together. By paint. Day on time. With. Support us original was nothing. In addition, negotiation, music, Berkeley presentation. Straight. Quite bit. Bite beats. By shaving by John. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. His those.

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