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Thousand dollars, he's dinner selling the blades con before that one for like four grand unscratched surprises me that should I don't know. I wish I I wish that fucking Morlock constant wasn't attached to my level. Thirty Warlock sitting in some fucking purgatory hell on a blizzard server turned on you fucked up black mirror. Right. They're checking in on those poor little guy. So that's the reason I bring it up is I almost I logged into the blizzard website to see. If is there any way can check if I actually turn this in or scratch that fucker off or like on. I think I'd have to sign up for a world of warcraft account log in or renew and like logging, don't you? Eric Lipton history or something on there? I couldn't find it on there. So I think I'd have to actually get in the game. And see if I have it in my inventory that almost got me to sign up. They have the free trial. But I think you can only do a new character from one to twenty. Yeah. And then it's. I don't know. I get really into. Wow. No, no. Feature. I think maybe the first feature on this website thirty day trial. And I think. Doing free trial. We should restart that thirty day trial, but just do trials of bunch of stuff trial game rising Rory every once in a while does his well streams, always hilarious. I watched because like the u I is just insane. He's got like all the weird Mods, and you is just buttons in the middle of the screen off to the side. And he's just like sitting there smashing these. I've no idea what's happening world of warcraft anymore. Not since they introduced the blood vampire, there's people. And then there's orcs and they're mad at each other. What else not hand is? Yeah. There there's elves and then there's blood L dollars. There's the well of spring of life ill regar-, there's scarecrows a guy with a the bandana around his is he was trapped in a tomb. Can she shreds to real tree IDs anyway blizzard? And then this one this three. Stories on here that make close to no sense. Okay. Then what's the lab VR because I have a picture. It was just women with a goose looking through goose's. They make good on that bird. The bird abbey. You should right now. If you have a computer in front of you look up, the press image for lab Lovie are. And it is hilarious dairy into our it is just it is people holding like animals up to their face and smiling as doing like a checking their it's all children. Wow. There had to be some awareness. Right. Like, this is interesting. So it's all children. There is a kid just looking right into birth acts. Child. There's another kid who has like an elephant face with the trunk. But. Sort of weird swan enough. Just like a bunch of children like open now that is cover man this. This is this is this will get you arrested. I want. I have not done anything with lab. Oh, but can we do a lab? Oh, stream a-this things. Is that? Alie swap these lab to like. The Nathan for you with the posters, or this is what were they thinking? I don't know ever thinking need to do something brand. To finally kill it. And here you go also. Okay. So I see a press photo here of a child sitting on a block has a square thing to face smile, real big. And then he has something as foot like some kind of kick pedal that he's clearly just like mashing, it's all like motion blurred. What is this? I'm not sure maybe some kind of maybe he's looking at drumming an can't wait to look in birds ass. The idea here is that like your switch is now of VR strain and the way that like gear VR, I guess is daydream thing does. Although I think I don't know. What's more powerful a high end smartphone or switch or a piece of cardboard? That's a good quite high today like smartphones with so frigging quickly saying the resolutions, definitely the higher. I come..

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