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Once they are there now bible experts okay well we man isn't that chariot of fire that when the aliens took elijah away bro okay there's that group then there then on the total opposite spectrum there's the guy who's got rush dooney or calvin his albatros avatar on his facebook wall and most of you don't even know who rushed junie was by the way i don't agree with everything rushed uni said brilliant guy i've got like a full library of his works i'd recommend i recommend reading get this recommend reading a wide variety of pinions before determining what you might think my that's nuts were i believe the best selling book ever written said something about wisdom in a multitude of council is that a line in there i believe somewhere in there okay i thought it said just watch fox that's great as it guy fourteen eleven right after many hands make light work just to watch it's great so on the opposite spectrum of pez dispenser sixtynine beyond vox is the guy with rush dooney and calvin as his avatar on his facebook wall all right and they're so there's that guy that guy who thinks he knows everything there is to know and if you don't share every last opinion he has and rather than just i'm not just going to pick on the calvinism with that too that there's also the pre millennial dispensationalist guy i and and did you can't even be like mid trip.

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