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Cinemax? Blackout on dish network sling. KCBS news time six fifteen. Watch out might have been a good idea for that game last site for raider fans. Steve that was a big ballyhooed showdown to the bay area teams. Neither one was having a good year. But still thought you'd have a game. And you thought Derek Carr could take advantage of the Niners injury depleted secondary. And it never happened in part because the Niners sacked him six times. And they sacked as backup AJ McCarron to more time Cassius Marsh with two and a half of those sacks Niners a win. In case you missed it thirty four to three in an away. It wasn't that close because the Niners were up thirty one two three early in the third quarter, and they pretty much put the brakes on the offense Nick Mullins undrafted quarterback out of southern miss last year. Sixteen of twenty two two hundred sixty two yards. Three touchdowns didn't turn it over. And he wasn't sacked statistically the best debut for an NFL quarterback since the nineteen seventy merger with a rating of one hundred and fifty one point nine at a twenty four yard touchdown pass to be your are sewn on the. I possession of four yard touchdown pastor Kendrick born in the second possession. A fifty three yard pass and run to Richie James to set up. A field goal to close the half of the seventeen to three lead a seventy one yard pass to George Kibble and other pass and run to set up a five yard TD passed a kindle early in the third. They were up twenty four to three at the time and Mullins after the game was trying to remain stoic. But when he was asked on FOX about whether it was easy as it looked is voice noticeably cracked. We are getting no sound out of there. Should we try again? Everything I dreamed of.

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