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Traditionally February is carnival season in the Dominican Republic it's a time when people wear colorful masks like the PM local weight loss for a costume and they take to the streets to celebrate across the nation but this year Dominicans have been taking to the streets for a different reason on Sunday February sixteenth people in the D. are headed to the voting booth as the nation held municipal elections but three to four hours after voting began the central electoral board abruptly cancelled the elections citing issues with the voting machines I don't hold it doesn't but I thought I had they see the the way they see the thing at the moment of this full spend their last moments I'm the man handed out D. R. spent millions of dollars on these new electronic voting machines and started using them in a presidential primary race that began in October but on the day of the municipal election just a few weeks ago people began reporting that some candidates names were missing from the ballots this was the last straw in a series of frustrations that Dominicans have been having with their electoral process and since mid February they've been protesting non stop demonstrations have expanded to cities where there are large communities of Dominicans the United States like Miami and New York and in other places around the globe like Barcelona and Paris our digital media editor Amanda Gunter has been covering this story and today she breaks down why this election glitch has caused such an uproar in how it's connected to a history of entrenched political power in the Dominican Republic so on Monday you are our resident expert on all things from the Dominican Republic and you've been out at some protests are happening right here in New York City over the past couple of weeks so tell us about those protests what have they been like and what are they about so those brothers have been in solidarity with other protests taking place N. Dominican Republic so can you tell me your first and last name and why you decided to come out the name is routed to servers and I'm just showing support for my country even though I haven't been there in fifteen eighteen years is enough my day the only doing the stealing mistreating everybody's it's.

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