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You're doing well. It's hot out there Traffics a beast. We got you covered with our top local stories, any big breaking news and, of course, traffic every six minutes. I was driving in listening to the station as I always do during, uh, the beloved Erick Erickson program, and I heard Chris Chandler, the anchor of Atlanta's news and talk with Mark and you did a story and I assume just because of the world we live in. This is a mass shooting story out of Alabama. I don't remember the details there. But I remember you saying a, uh the shooting took place in a fire hydrant factory. Is that right? Fire hydrant factory, putting aside the gory, terrible tales. You never really thought about where fire hydrants. Come here. Exactly Right. I would have to be made somewhere. They don't just fall out of trees. There is apparently the factory is in. What's the name of the town? This is Albertville, Alabama, Albertville, Alabama. I had never heard of it. Alex Williams, who is well known former Alabama had never heard of it. We looked at the map west of I 59 a good bit and not near anything else, but It has a nickname. Okay, so important. It has a nick indeed. Fire hydrant capital of the world. It is known as the fire. That was my next point. It's the fire hydrant capital of the world. So obviously the resident again, whore. I don't mean to make light of the story. I don't remember the story to be honest with you, but I'm I'm sure if you're talking about a story in Alabama it wasn't good. Um, the pride that that city must have to be the fire. Hydrant capital of the world. That's got to be a big deal for them 400 workers in the plant and that's by far the most of any business there in Albertville. Of course, they're proud of it, and then Uh, this thing here yesterday at the market was so horrible least there was a reason the police they're saying they have no idea why this guy did. So this was actually shooting at the plant. Dude, works there and shot four people. Two of them died. And then he drove to another town not to fire hydro capital of the world and killed himself. The umbrella factory. Perhaps Yeah, that's actually a good show on Netflix. Have you seen that the umbrella or is it not the umbrella? What's it called? The umbrella Academy Academy, not factory. All right, so Albertville, Alabama. We note now, tragically that it is the fire hydrant, capital of the world. I got to talk. I don't want to talk about the mass shooting in the story, but the hometown pride angle of that that you know the people of Albertville. No matter. I don't know how many residents in there. Maybe Debra can find it. I'm sure there's not many no matter where they go in the world, like Oh, are you from? I'm from Albertville. It's the fire hydrant capital of the world. You know, I'm sure that is automatic credit. Yeah, sure has slid into every conversation. And I bet when, when people from Albertville travel to let's say they go to Chicago. They went tickets to the Oprah Winfrey Show, and they go to Chicago. I bet as on the street there looking like Is that an Albertville? Fire? 100? You know they're checking. My buddy worked for Otis elevators. And any time we got in an elevator, like right down at the thing, right like this isn't an Otis elevator. You know, it's a source of pride for them. So sad story, But I'm glad to know now that the, uh elevate not elevator the fire hydrant capital of the World. Albertville, Alabama, Albertville, Alabama is your Deborah Green from Wisconsin is your hometown. Famous for anything. Is it that the capital of anything? It doesn't have a title of a capital? But we have a famous clay track that anybody that's into midget racing. It does. I know that sounds little people write little. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. If you're into race, small people raising small people racing midget cars, midget midget racing. They're famous for the midget racing on this clay track, And I've met people from other places who know it, Which is strange, because that is the only thing in my hometown. I'm surprised that the P C. Police Haven't hit the midget car racing industry yet like they will now sorry that they call it that it's not anything. Sure, sure. Yeah, I know the type of car that will I guarantee within three years. That will no longer be the name of midget car racing. It will be something else. Tiny career. I don't even know Loti Chuck allegedly from Whitefish, Montana. Is your, uh, your so you're not really from whitefish. Your do that to protect the identity of your family. But you are from Montana is your is your home town Famous for anything? There isn't a town in Montana that's famous for anything Really, Just being for Montana's.

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