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Hello good morning tammy welcome to episode day dig to them welcome to spanish spelling bee yes and help me yet scott help here so we have a nice price scary scary the margarita day trip for the last supper at the sanctuary we're talking the walking dead in atlanta where you're gonna get upclose and personal with the stars while you could fly are you a walking dead fan i am working at bay oil guess what you may when this is we play spelling bee all right what do you have for our tammy all right so hear me here's what you do it's real simple okay you don't have to get them all right i'm gonna give you three words you must get two out of the three spelled correctly the right away you can't spell how why are you morning a spelling bee how you doing this isn't about me on the host i'm just the go tammy let's focus as though and i looked up and gugel i see us are here we go pammy your first word margarita m a r g a r it a in a sentence i wish i was with you drinking margaritas nice question how does he know how to spell march doesn't even know if she's right he does okay we have to help google that and that i wrote a delo can't even spill google kelly spoke google i just click on the appetite okay next were over.

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