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Fifty million dollar fundraising campaign goal three months early that trait news reports a two point one million dollar gift from the estate of jacqueline walker who graduated from wayne state's law school in nineteen fifty four put the pivotal moments campaign over the threshold the school says walker wanted her gift to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds the campaign started in two thousand nine and entered its public phase in twenty fourteen michigan regulators will take public comments on a proposal for more anchor supports in the straits of mackinac to bolster twin oil pipelines and bridge inc is asking the department of environmental quality to allow installation of forty eight additional supports for its line five pipes they would be attached to the pipes and screwed into the lake bed a public hearing scheduled for today in mackinaw city a playground themed basketball league featuring former nba stars is making a stop at little caesars arena in detroit the big three are holding court friday with four games at the home of the pistons this is the second season of the three on three league that was co founded by entertainer ice cube and features players like amari stu meyer baron davis nate robinson and metta world peace reigning champion trilogy was undefeated last year and is coached by former piston rick mahorn wham radar weather forecast from wayne radio for this afternoon mostly sunny high of about eighty three partly cloudy tonight low getting down to around fifty three then for tomorrow partly cloudy high near eighty five that's lamb news now i'm dan martin on wam talk sixteen hundred hi i'm.

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