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Your home near content you see a life studying interior team, Ed Valentine managing editor, DV gone. Oh man. R J is as as much as we get along. You always you always liked to throw in a little dig their, you know. But, but I'll, I'll let that go, we do get along. It's, you know, believe it or not Cowboys fans and giants fans you know, we can manage to get along. So there is that, you know, and we do have that, that come, and EMMY in Philly that wears green. Yeah. So just, just as an aside, our J before we get. Into our topic today. It is amazing to me how no matter who I'm talking to from whatever team I'm talking to the conversation. Always manages to turn around or come around to hell lousy eagles fans are. It's one of those things it's like people used to say like everybody is six two days away from Kevin bacon. Like, in terms of life, for, or whatever we're all every conversation in the world is six degrees away from discovering. The eagles fans are the most vile. I say that, by the way, you and I were talking on Tuesday, this is going to drop on Wednesday. I just made an appearance on BGN radio. So I feel kinda bad trashing than well. No, no, no. You're, you're, you're fortunate that you that, that we're doing this now. And you've done your BGN already if you're fortunate because, you know, then then you'd have to you'd have to defend yourself. I just had Lindsay Jones of the athletes, gray the big view podcast, and we're talking about NFL training camps. In the fact that teams so often or so many teams don't involve fans as much as they used to. She lauded. The Cowboys incidentally for, for how fan-friendly their you know, their training camp is, but I had to twist the knife on Lindsey because she actually made the mistake of in, in a recent column predicting that the New York Jets would win a Super Bowl before the giant another Super Bowl and I just I just couldn't let that go. I don't blame you for that. Certainly that's that's too far. You know, there's a line and Lindsey cross. And I said, I said, you just can't do that. Yeah, you're right, though. I'll be at a training camp in pink, like five weeks issue hours. Go for a week in your ride, and Lindsay's. Right. It's so fan-friendly and it does help that you're in California. You know, the practices are at three PM Kelly time, and it feels great. You know, the sun is beating on you, but you really don't notice it just because of the weather. It's, it's an overall spectacular environment. How is giants training camp? For people that don't know giants training camp. I started covering giants training camp in two thousand seven to two thousand eight and giants training camp used to be in Albany, New York, which is twenty minutes away from my house, on a college campus, university of all Binnie. And it was it was great because they had five fields there could sit in the grass, they could bread blankets out on a lot of the fields. The only thing separating fans from the team was like a little three foot high wouldn't, you know, wouldn't pick it fence kind of thing you know, people in and players had to walk through what they used to call autograph alley, where to get in and out of practice everyday they had to walk through the fans. That's it. And that was really cool. You know, they used to stay in Albany, they'd be out in the community every night. So. So now training camp is at their facility in East Rutherford. And I get it because they have three and a half practice fields there. They have an indoor bubble. They have everything they need in terms of equipment, but but fans sit in, you know, makeshift bleachers in a parking lot. Sure, you.

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