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Eight dodgers four Clayton Kershaw goes four innings gives up five earned runs in the narrative will be all about Clayton Kershaw tomorrow to me, it shouldn't be it should be more about what the dot with a Red Sox did and instead of what Clayton Kershaw didn't and a very cold game. Chris sale only went for and he says, well, but that won't be the narrative Kershaw is in my opinion, one of the greatest pitchers of his generation. But that's not what people were going to. Remember? You can always tweet us on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at ESPN radio. Matt ianfitz ES. ESPN one of the guys Kershaw is going against is Mookie Betts, and he's just he's awesome in every sense of the word and a lotta people forget that when and what brought this on in having Shannon pan. And Troy Farkas and Travis rock old go and scramble took him about thirty seconds, by the way, which makes you that good or your that hyped up on caffeine at this hour. Either way you found the audio. I was asking Dan Shulman who called at the game along with Chris singleton again game won the World Series. They'll be on the call the entire series here on ESPN radio. I asked Shulman. Could you beat Mookie Betts in bowling if I gave you nine frames and the ad five? He said, no, he need twelve. Why? We'll Mookie Betts is a competitive bowler. So not only is he an MVP type player in a leader of. You know, one of the best teams in baseball one the regular season. They were record wise the best team in baseball, and they are up one oh on in the World Series. But case you missed it. He's not only a competitive bowler. Right. But he's a great character. He was miked up before the season began and the second to last preseason game going into the regular season with our baseball the night. Crowding is call ravage in TIMMY, Kirk and company. This is this is Mookie Betts into this isn't a nutshell here. He is right here. Live on the field right field. Boston Red Sox? One of the best players in the game and a scratch boulder. Here is Mookie Betts. Yeah. Etiquette connecticut. You can't..

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