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That feeling of being full with your own sexual pleasure. That'll make it easier to be able to wrap your head around your wife pegging you or if you're the girlfr- under wife your ass being fucked not just being about something you're doing for that other person but also at the same time. Something that other person's doing for you the other piece of advice. I give to women and and guys guys who are interested in getting their acid guys getting their asses fucked for the first time is let them get in you whether it's a flesh and blood dick whether it's a peg whether it's a dildo whether you're being pegged. Let them get in you and then breathe and relax and maybe jack often have an orgasm and maybe the first couple of times that you are penetrated ainley with a dick or a strap on dildo when you're pegged is not about fucking it's about getting it in you breathing relaxing and coming you coming you getting off and then slowly build up to that person moving fucking you a little bit while you continue. Destroy your deck. Watch some gay porn caller. Look at what the bottom boys do while they're getting fucked. They're stroking their decks. That's a huge part of why it feels good for them to you. Want to be like one of those bottom boys in the gay porn stroking your deck while you are five foot little adorable asian wife to be pegs the shit out of your ass all right before it. Get your response calls. Let's read some of this week. Savage webcasts tweets tech winnie tweets. Not sure if that fake. Dan savage watches the shy. But there's an excellent story line about opening up a marriage and the resulting situations emotions that come up dealt with in a realistic and frank manner. Hashtag savage love cast. I actually haven't watched the shy yet. But i will definitely check it out now tech. Thank for the recommendation. Veggie forever tweets regarding seven six nine episode seven. Six nine of the savage club cast the young woman who missed all the red flags. We need to address red flags. In general. young women are trusting and don't expect to get raped by their bosses. We need to warn them that the most likely rapist is someone they know already and someone who has power over them hashtag savaged webcast. Good and very sad and sobering point veggie forever. Thank you for making it and finally at wow doc tweets assign. I am not well. I listened to all of fake dan. Savage's intro about ryan andrew king. He's the australian. Electricity was cutting off. Guys balls listen to that entire inter on the savage loved cast. While eating popcorn chicken you are braverman than i. Why dock with a stronger stomach. Thank you for listening all right. If you want me to read your tweet about the love castle upcoming episode be sure to use the hashtag. Savage love cast and we really appreciate everybody who tweets post instagram. Social media about the show helps spread the word and now listener response calls to the caller and episode seven six nine who was contemplating staying in the poly-amorous relationship. But the couple. Who's about to retire. I'm not an expert. But the situations she describes sounded more like to me that she's dating a married man in an open relationship rather than poly-amorous relationship. And maybe that's you know potato potato semantics but at the same time renaming the situation might change expectations and make it a more sustainable situation for her to stay in long-term so maybe he just a conversation about expectations and what the situation actually is would help in response to the call in the most recent podcast from the woman who got dragged on the inappropriate work trip by her boss. Something that you mentioned that. Dan kind of skipped over and his response. I think needs to be addressed. Is your reluctance to say anything or report him because what you experienced wasn't that bad and your words and first off. I think you should appreciate the fact that you really dodged a bullet stories that start like the way you describe often end in assault and coercion the end blackmail. It could have destroyed career or worse if things had gone differently than most things what he did was wrong even if it could have been worse for you personally know the fact that you didn't wind up curled up on the floor sobbing doesn't change the fact that what he did was an ethical was hopefully against company policy and the fact that it could have been worse if your coworker hadn't called. Hr when she did or maybe he just got too drunk. Or you just got lucky. No the fact that you dodged a bullet doesn't change the fact that bullet was fired. Hi dan this is a response call for the guy who's dating two of his co workers. You did what you did what you what you did what. Why how. how could you do that. These people have to work with each other. Are you joking. Are you fucking kidding me. You don't live in a sitcom absolutely wild. Quit your job. Leave.

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