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That's not to say that you know we don't want people that can work together in teams and understand the politics team sports time but i really do think you got to run your own race based on the unique demands if you're just wrecked i look i don't want to beat up on rex account it's tough to lose but he's sixty year old white male career politician and that is not how you win an open seat it's different if you're an incumbent and you're known in your district and you work your district and you go back and you do your rotaries and you're and you're like but we do need cutter lamb as young as a serviceman he's the perfect candidate and do you think the gets a message from this about who to recruit well i've been trying to sort of build a counter to what the democrats are doing which actually think is quite smart by recruiting all these nine eleven veterans theron i guarantee you they're going to have success and a lot of these districts because that's just a powerful platform to run upon we need to do the same we really need to be aggressive in terms of recruiting dynamic younger obviously i'm biased towards younger candidates and i just think nine eleven vats represents that's what this country has to offer and demonstrated in some way that they're willing to put the interest of the country ahead of their own narrow growth you political interests and i think that resonates with a lot of voters not just hardcore conservatives the independence and even some high minded democrat so i think we would do well to learn that lesson and really need to up our recruitment and support for the next generation i told a group of viola students a decade ago after nine eleven that if any of them wanted to do politics really want to do politics they had to serve i they had to go and serve in a uniform if you're at war you've got to go and serve in a uniform right but that was ten years ago that's off a little bit now but the nine eleven story if you were a a young person like you and i don't know when you joined the marine how old were you when you joined the marines i think it was twenty two because there's when i graduated college yeah that's a choice that people have to make to go in or not.

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