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Updates with windows where there's every month and update. Google puts out an update to Android at the beginning of every month. It usually takes a while to trickle down, but you should. We want a phone that's going to be updated monthly and not be too many months behind. And I think the Moto g six is one of those. So enjoy. My pleasure. I'm glad you asked carrier locking. That was a that. That's just terrible. But nowadays, I think if you're buying a phone outright, there's no reason it'd be like, it's can't what business would says. You can't move to another business. Sorry, it's like I go to a dry cleaner and they give me a bag with their name on it to put my dry cleaning in all. Thank you. That's nice. And I bring my dry cleaning them. It's like if I said, you know, I don't wanna bring my direct cleaning you anymore. I want to go cross the street to the other dry cleaner. All know. You're gonna have to pay one hundred fifty dollars. If you want to do that. What I have to pay you to stop going to, you know, only in this country to cell phone companies get with that. Fortunately, it's changing. It really is changing. Thank goodness, eight. Ask the phone number on. We go to line three, Marco and Madeira islands, Portugal. Hello, Marco. Hey, I'm wonderful. I'm going to be import the Maui at a couple of weeks. No, I I wish it's a crew, so I have to go where the boat goes, but but I could tell you I'm a fan of Madeira. Drinking it. I will I, this is my first time in Portugal and I I know, won't be my last. What can I do for you? Marco. So this is a full when I have an iphone. Yes. I wanted to q. Hosa when a friend and felt, or did you open those uneasy from face? That's a great question. On a computer, it would be risky to click links unless you really expected at you knew your friend was sending it. That was a way people would get their computer infected. You get a link on Facebook. You won't believe this video of what you did last night and you go, I didn't. I was asleep. What did I do? And it turns out it's it's Mauer different on the iphone. You're very safe. So I would not hesitate as long as it's from a friend and you kind of expect it if you, if you say to yourself what video? I wasn't there and be a little suspicious, but it is completely safe on the iphone to open those videos or photos Leo LaPorte, the tech guy. So tell me what's what's what's the weather like right now in the Madeira islands, Marco. Very hot. Have you been deport them? Ow. It's in the southern? Yes, it's on the Mediterranean think, yeah, that's I can't wait. It's in the all guard right. Yeah, yeah. Go from threats, put them out with, I'm not on its, hey, you don't need to. You're on the Madeira islands. You're, you're happy. Go lucky. Yeah, that's why I'm going. I can't wait. I can't wait. We're on a boat. So we sail around. We start in Barcelona. We go to Porto Mao. We go to Seville. We go to dis. We go to Malta Morocco, Italy, France, all over the place. I love it going. Hey, it's nice to know you listen in in Portugal. Thank you. To you for quite some time, though. Your English is excellent. The x. and deal more improved. I like the accent. Not only is your accent. That's awesome. So you think that that is no danger of infecting the on. Even if it's a video from faith Lukoil it's it's the iphone is so locked down. This is the beauty of the iphone when they design windows and MacIntosh, they really weren't aware of the, you know how dangerous the internet was going to be these propose pre internet basically. But the iphone was designed in an era that the internet existed, they knew where the threats were going to be coming from..

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