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You fallen that is California. What I think is one of the key tracks from Joni Mitchell's blue. Jim would have you got greg. We have to Play Little Green. You know we were talking about this daughter that Joni Mitchell had when she was a struggling college student and folksinger had to give up for adoption. That's in the mid sixties. It wasn't until the mid nineties when that part of her life was exposed by tabloid and she subsequently years later Started a relationship with that young woman. Her Daughter Kill Lauren. Gabe I'm I you know. I think one of the sins that listeners a male and female but in particular the male rock crawling establishment lays upon. Blue is reading an as strict autobiography at all times. The reason I mentioned this This is obviously a song written about her daughter. Little Green but You know nobody knew about that. And for a good twenty five years and now that's all anybody talks about in the context of this song but if we look at the song one of those classic Weird Joni Mitchell a guitar tunings you know of her own songs in hoping g You know we look at the lyrics. It's about a longing in general. It could be. I heard as longing for the seasons to change away from the cold and into the spring it could be more specifically. I think longing for any parent In particular father all right. I'm a father of a daughter. So are you. You've got to About a daughter Both both being a an obsessive love but also some day. She's GonNa leave you and that's GonNa leave a whole you were talking about. How much longing and sadness and and emancipation runs throughout blue? It's not just in the romantic sense. It's also about in in the sense of childhood and then I think it's just a great song about hoping for something better period. You don't need to know everything that happened to Joni. It's part.

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