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And having fun, and you know what was by expansive or the players expense. We had some fun. They call be different names. I'd call him different names you know. Sometimes it was sometimes I forgot their name but other. TIMES GONNA. Join the Club I. Call Him I forget what I call them I. Call Her name Go. Jal Pension. So that's Marlin? Joel is. It was unreal Conan. Still talks about it to this day that you're the only manager ever had ever who could not call him by his right name, and it continues to this day where the two of you joke around now, but at the time I'm not so sure it was a joke known first time I you know I did join the club. That much sociology at that time but I. Forget what I call them now every time I say. A Jim is say hey, Lord and Metropolitan. recalled. I saw. His son was playing up Duke couple years ago. and. I went over to the game and they saw jeff his wife. And I said Hey. Jolly I WANNA. Ask You one more, two, thousand and three question, and then I want to ask you about your return to the Marlins and then. How you. Sort of got like go by. David Samson awkwardly enough on on the orders of Derek Jeeter but Take me inside that. -partment game. Really I think the guy that's most happy about. See is actually Alex Gonzalez from the cubs for booting that tailor-made double-play. Then you start pushing all the right buttons. Just walk me through. Like in the dugout where everything starts clicking, and what was a turning point that you guys thought it had? It wasn't when Alex Gonzalez botched the double play. What was going through your mind and I mean Hollandsworth came in. Their banks came in there. A lot of guys weren't really their numbers weren't called that often start making key contributions in that ending rupp's walk me through that ending in particular well, we're down and we need we need. That club we had was very unselfish club, and it seemed like we took advantage of every opportunity. We got you know and we're. GonNa go back to giants the guy. Mr Floodwall rightfielder Gibson opening, we came through, and we just kept waiting and waiting and we get to eighth inning. and. What's his name leads off. You know with the trouble Why? It looked like hey, this is it for us? We need somebody. Give us a break while we got the break with Barkman and then the real break with with Ghazali. When he boots the double play ball, it would have taken you know bus right at the beginning, but you know after that you know, thank started a pile on. As I. Did I show with Bob Costas? Gonzalo is Mike Law up in New York one time talking about that game, and I always had a secret weapon, and the funny thing is we get the lead in now? All of a sudden I had pinch hit for our double switch with Gonzales. A shortstop and put Mordechai inner Mordechai thumbs up and clears the basis. Would have you know a double? That makes it an eight eight run innings instead of a five running and. They always give me and they said well. How come you ever come in? What would Mordechai because? He's been our secret weapon all year long these it all runs and commended pinch hit home run in the eighth inning. Take him out of the Mike Lola the game for Pinch runner in the ninth inning and table the criticized often you take a thirty game on a thirty home. Run hitter I the game, I some trying to win in nine I'm not claimed for twelve or thirteen, but the guy put into place third base with be immortal. And he this home run to win the game. So yeah. I remember that nationally was It was a head-scratching decision, but watching Mike Mordecai throughout that season. He was a player. You could depend on had a lot of big moments I think he had a walk off earlier that season David, little mikey Mordechai the secret weapon. That's so you guys go on? Obviously when the World Series in Yankee Stadium David us about all the great stories, there your time with the marlins comes to an end. You retire then all of the sudden. David so. We went out we get to the world series. And and Jeffrey comes to me and he said Jack Are you going to have a meeting with your team and? Monuments everything out Yankee. I said Jeffrey. Are you out of your damn mind? I said he's got it. All of their playing in hoboken or new. York or going to function, and we talk about Yankee Stadium. Always interrupt when you've got a great. By the was because Jeffries a Yankee Guy, so he felt the lower of Yankee stadium better than anybody right there David I can tell you one more story, but Jeffrey. Learn New York complained the mets and Glasgow pitch against them against us this Knighton. By ten o'clock in the morning to followers Jeffrey who's catching tonight? I should pudge. Don't you know the to? Redman hits eight hundred against Levin? Owns different I said Jeffrey. We his eight thousand budgets which. Hits. A two run homer in the first any and win the game to nothing so after the Game Jeffrey Office..

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