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From New York. This is democracy now anybody that needs a desk. It's a test. They have to tell anybody that needs cast gets a test says the president of the United States. That's simply untrue. There have been just eleven thousand tests in the United States so far since the corona virus outbreak began. Compare this to nearly twenty thousand tests for Corona virus every day in South Korea alone the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease says the. Us is failing when it comes to testing for the virus. The idea of anybody getting it easily the way people in other country doing we're not set up for that. I think you should be yes. But we're not today. We look at how the trump administration has failed to account for what it'd be thousands of corona virus infections because of ongoing problems with access to testing. We'll speak with professor. Justin Leslie of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Senior author of a new study that suggests the median incubation period for the new corona virus is about five days and epidemiologist. Dr Steve Goodman at Stanford Medical School Associate Dean of the School. Both are holding classes online for the rest of the porter over concerns about the outbreak. And yes Dr. Goodman is my brother all that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot. Org the Warren Peace Report. I'm Amy Goodman. The Corona virus pandemic is continuing to spread across the globe. According to the World Health Organization Corona virus has now infected over one hundred thirty five thousand people and killed nearly five thousand. Kenya and Ghana have confirmed their first corona virus cases. India's reported its first corona virus death. The death toll in Italy has surpassed one thousand while the country's medical system struggles to treat the sick. Meanwhile satellite photographs have been published online showing what appeared to be mass graves in Iran. Where Corona virus victims have been buried? The official death toll in Iran is around four hundred twenty nine but many fear. The actual number is far higher France Ireland Austria Belgium. Turkey and Norway have all begun taking steps to close schools to stop the spread of the virus here in the United States. The number of reported corona virus in factions jumped by nearly four hundred Thursday to about one thousand six hundred fifty but the actual number is believed to be higher congresses. In House. Doctor has privately told Capitol Hill staffers that he expects seventy to one hundred fifty million people in the United States will contract the virus. Six states have announced plans to close all public schools. Oregon Ohio Michigan Maryland Kentucky and New Mexico schools in Houston Texas near Seattle are also closing. Almost five million. Children are being impacted by the closings own major sporting events in the United States have been halted the NCWA has cancelled for the first time. Ever the men and Women's College Basketball tournaments known this March madness Utah Jazz player Rudy. Gobert has apologized after testing apologised after testing positive for corona virus. Just days after. He jokingly touched reporters microphones and phones while leaving a news conference Monday go bare wrote quote. At the time I had no idea I was even infected. I was careless and make no excuse. I hope my story serves as a warning and causes everyone to take this seriously unquote Disney has shuttered all of its theme parks around the world including Disneyworld and Florida. New York state has banned public gatherings of more than five hundred people including all Broadway shows on Thursday New York City mayor. Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency as the number of confirmed cases in New York jumped from forty two to ninety five in a single day but the last twenty four hours have been very very sober literally yesterday morning. Feels like a long time ago We got a lot information. The course of the day yesterday a lot changed and then last night it does seem like the world turned upside down in the course of just a few hours on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted ten percent Thursday in its biggest drop since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven airlines and cruise companies have been particularly hard. Hit major international cruise lines including Princess cruises and Viking suspended operations. President Trump's ban Europeans flying into the United States from twenty six European countries goes into effect midnight tonight. The stock market losses came despite the Federal Reserve injecting about one point five trillion dollars into the financial system in an effort to prop up. The market's former Labor secretary. Robert Reich tweeted total student. Loan debt one point seven trillion total cost of the Fed's short-term bank funding one point five trillion America has socialism for the rich harsh capitalism for everyone else Reverend William Barber of the poor people's campaign tweeted overnight. They found one point five trillion dollars for Wall Street but they can't find money to provide healthcare and living wages for one hundred forty million poor and low wealth people in America the trump administration's facing widespread criticism for its handling of the corona virus outbreak on Thursday. Dr Anthony Fauci. The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said the. Us is failing when it comes to testing for the virus. The system does not is not really geared to what we need right now. What you are asking for that is a failing and it is a failing very. Let's admit the idea of anybody getting it easily. The way people in other countries are doing it. We're not set up for that. Do I think we should be yes? But we're not the BBC reports nearly twenty thousand. People are being tested for Corona virus every day in South Korea. Far More than the eleven thousand tests done in the United States since the outbreak began months ago on Capitol Hill House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi said she's close to reaching a deal with the White House on a corona virus aid package that includes funding for temporary paid sick leave and free virus testing on Thursday democratic congresswoman. Katie Porter of California grilled Centers for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield on the affordability of Corona virus. Testing Dr Redfield. Do you want to know who has the colonel virus? In who doesn't yes not just rich people but everybody might have the virus. All of America will you commit to the CDC right now using that existing authority to pay for diagnostic testing free to every American regardless of insurance. Well I can say that we're going to do everything to make sure everybody can get the time Dr Redfield. You have the existing authority. Will you commit right now to using the authority that you have vested in you under law that provides a public health emergency for testing treatment exam isolation out cost? Yes or no what? I'm going to say I'm going to review in detail with no in more news. On the corona virus. The press secretary of Brazilian President Sharable Sonata has tested positive for cove in nineteen. The official was photographed last week standing shoulder to shoulder with president trump and just a few feet from vice president. Mike Pence during both Sinatra's recent trip tomorrow Lago and Florida the official is also seen standing just behind trump and video taken at the meeting at trump's mar a lago resort South Carolina. Senator Lindsey Graham. Who was at the Mar? A LAGO meeting says he will self quarantine while awaiting the results of corona virus test. So we'll Florida senator. Rick Scott who met separately with Bolsonaro and the eight on Monday the White House however said President. Trump does not plan to get tested and he has repeatedly said this. Meanwhile Australia's Home Minister. Peter Dutton has tested positive for corona virus. Last week he met with President Trump's daughter Ivanka trump and attorney general William bar in Canada. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tested positive for Kovic nineteen Thursday. She reported mild flu like symptoms after a trip to the UK. Prime Minister Trudeau. Says he does not have symptoms but will work for my solution for fourteen days in the Philippines president. Rodrigo duterte ordered a lockdown of Metropolitan Manila home to thirteen million people to charities. Order cuts off land domestic air and sea travel to and from Metro. Manila and imposes bans. On mass. Gatherings schools have been ordered shut for month and community. Quarantining is in effect local officials WHO DEFIED GOVERNMENT ORDERS FACE. Jail time was tested for corona virus after possible exposure. Meanwhile six of his Cabinet Ministers Sixteen lawmakers and the Philippines Central Bank governor have all gone into self quarantine as the corona virus continues to spread in the United States. Immigration advocates are afraid of a deadly outbreak inside immigration jails Silky Shah Executive Director of detention. Watch network said in a statement. Quote lives are already at risk and detention and with the spread of Corona virus? People are sitting ducks in a system. Notorious for its fatally flawed medical care unquote. They're also mounting concerns.

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