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On the text line five six six nine zero Jeri chime in in what a motley crew we have here this morning I got the Broncos winning twenty one to ten you hear this up with your predictions five six six nine zero so breaking the streak their mace twenty scoring over twenty points yeah. Hey look if they get to twenty one points against his bears defense this is like getting to thirty one again somebody else well a special rules apply if you get to twenty one points on this bears defense you automatically win it doesn't the rest the game is is just played as a as a formality yes. although we're talking this way what what if we get this over one thirty shoot out absolutely nobody. that's what's going to happen. at this defensive slug slugfest or whatever and it's going to be forty one fifty one because both these coaches know each other and it's it's it's gonna wind up beat reporter wind up looking silly all of the bears offense aside the ball over and over again the guy that the Broncos defense kept pointing out was to recall Anders Chris hairs of that a lot of up in the backfield outside receiver. slot so there he's all over the field jet motions of so he's kind of like how we will we have to pay for tire hill you got to look for him everywhere so he's gonna be all over the field we gotta be ready from special linebackers and safeties where where he's going to be at because he runs a lot of rounds out the back through my end Donatello yeah this is because a very explosive athletes great hands can do about any thank you can jump cut he can be an effective back in the backfield so for effective as a receiver he can play as a slot receiver out wide really can get the top speed and in an instant and I asked about him he's a tough tackle because he's he's short and compact so you don't want to talk and you got to get down hello hit him square in wrap him up yeah I remember those time we talked about the bears offense last year with wow look at all these weapons once the added trade Burton and Allen Robinson now we don't know about tree Burton officially I don't expect him to play if at all but we don't know officially I'm sheen of course is the tide in generally speaking we talk about opposing teams offense is we have to start with the tight end because most of time the Broncos historically struggled against that tied in third Waller by the waves can of spike a football not when they're Benjamin says you told me last week he would not be a big factor that's not what I said so we don't know anything about so okay as seven career receptions I did you should. I did say Tyrrel Williams would be a big factor felt like he was. so just like in the football ability pick this thing up headed back into you to try again I'll I'll write Courtin sudden on ahead of back but anyways so wide receiver to circle let's get to why everybody keeps talking about to recalling. well me new skis versatility. he brings more to the table and just. you know being a running back affected which he brought that component of it to the table these days because it seems like they're just using him as a slot guy and one carry that ended up being wiped out due to penalty in that game it looks like they're they're mostly using him a kind of transitioning him to more of the receiving role almost like feel Riddick you know kind of that's about all to better comp right in the middle faster certainly more face are the faster than yeah you're ready but that's kind of the role that they're using him in you know kind of that that motion out of the backfield running back slot back you know that kind of thing it's it's just kind of different because I had to re can be a decent running back he's been diesel running back special use month outsides almost race plays on the toss play you know get him outside getting in space would create hell make guys miss so I I think they're just trying to find ways to getting the ball but I'd like to see him in the mix of running back there as well course the one thing you're concerned about with him as the fumble so put the ball on the ground he last year you had more fumbles than any other non quarterback in the NFL with seven. wow. this is what you're you're trying to strip the ball point the ball out he will put it on the ground. I gotta be honest three Colin is is a concern because the speed but. like to think about week one we were just talking about what we learned I also learned that the bears really need to be given the ball Dave Montgomery more. yeah and that's what I'm all that if we're talking about things that we have it's been a lot of time on this week it's what if the bears finally realized after watching tape going boy demagoguery might be our best running back and we barely really scratch the surface with him maybe we understand this game is going to be kind of low scoring and we just make it David Montgomery kind of game that could be a problem for the Broncos yeah they had an insistence on going with Mike Davis in that game even though it wasn't really working Mike is at his best with a complimentary third down kind of back in the in the book or a role for Broncos fans I didn't really understand the game plan at all running burning Mike Davis in the teeth of a a very good Packers defense just is not a recipe for success at the end you know Matt Nagy for all the things that he does too as a has a penchant for kind of outsmarting himself many times and you see that it felt like that last week I think Broncos fans are hoping he continues that trend this week I I don't know I think you got to give the ball to Montgomery let's let the kid shine I would think you would have figured that out based on just watching him coming out of Iowa state in drafting the third round in the preseason do I mean it's like what is he done that made you feel like now Mike Davis is a better option. well this is where you sometimes get trapped in the maze of saying war in the intellectual basis saying well one players better in practice than the other one plate you know maybe Mike Davis I'd know in those little more and more about the offense this that and the other sometimes you have to play the guy was the better player the more explosive player and if there are mental mistakes along the way as that player is learning the offense learning by doing you just have to ride with them knowing that the upside is much greater with Dave McCumber the Mike Davis so the bigger concern would be Montgomery or court call in for you the bigger concern for me would be my company agreed E. it I think the you if you're the Broncos you look at this defense you look at the tape against the raiders get the running back running down hill again it's it and honestly that's been the knock on financials defense his whole career a plane Abril is only that leaves you susceptible to the run unless you have incredibly instinctive linebackers this defense but a lot of stress on the linebackers and honestly it's a week it evens out my Max in the end the week area for the Denver Broncos I like Josie to I think it's a great run for a guy like Todd Davis the person he's on duty Corey Nelson's real nice guy but in the end those guys are not top tier elite linebackers in the NFL in the same way the daily Trevathan who by always one of us covers linebackers in the game and rogue one Smith was all world talent are and so that's that's kind of the problem I think if you if you've got the ability to come down hill against Denver you're going to win and I think my camera gives the the best opportunity to do that well I think it's Montgomery's well you mentioned the quality of a what the bears have at linebacker compared the Broncos can date survey thing you could argue that maybe in that front seven he's the six or six seven the best player on the bears in the bears front seven if you put it in the Broncos front seven probably the third best. again. like we were talking about. all fair Vic Fangio didn't have the components early in his time with the bears to do everything he wanted to he was able to improve them that if their improvement defensively from twenty fourteen to twenty fifteen it was a quantum leap because. in the Mel Tucker Marc Trestman years that defense was awful for Chicago and Vic Fangio did a good job finding the duct tape and baling wire in getting what he could out that dean twenty fifteen but that was a multi year building job interface in was one of the key components prime in twenty sixteen free agency of of starting to get that defense on his feet starting to get to do what he wanted to do that's why this year I think the Broncos D. it can be good it can be a top ten unit but it's not going to be all of what Vic Fangio wants to be probably for a year or two and I would expect to be shopping and sat on at inside linebacker in free agency or the draft expiring miles has to happen what about the receiving corps you have al Robson is the the clear cut number one guy you've got Anthony Miller you got Taylor Gabriel and it probably is going to be Adam she gene is the top tied in considering free Burton still dealing with a growing injury so of the those guys Benjamin who concerns you the most and is there a point to where you expect one guy just to sort of get his like say Hey look al Robbins is gonna be targeted heavily there there's we just got to be able to wrap them up when we get around him but we don't want to other guys to get going yeah Taylor givers you stretch the field guy he's got speed but but he can be neutralized the ties best if you're pressed him all bloody kind of struggle to get the jam Allen rob cities the possession guided the millers kind that they receive I think the X. factor here just coral Patterson I don't know where he's a guy who says you know you get him going across the feel of the drags you get him in space any great especially these one on ones that a lot of his own djaverages can afford you I think that he could be a X. factor in today's match up I'd be concerning three Miller in the red zone. that's where he's most effective seven touchdowns last year on only thirty three receptions he'll make play he'll make plays down that point the field of people at the bears drive I think that's the that's the best option among the right wide receiver corps for Mitchell Stravinsky I am shaking it was a division to tight end Hooper athletic but you are definitely playing the long game with him he remains a project that being said even though it was a different scheme as she seen in those practices last summer when the bears came to Denver was making place. part of what we identified as a huge problem for the Broncos in the twenty seventeen twenty eighteen preseason defending tight ends it wasn't just Traber damn she he was making plays and I think the Broncos are still construct going to find the right match up there specially with price Callahan likely down and they may try septem sheen on Isaac Adam in much the same way the raiders table Darren Waller against the item for the Broncos learned some lessons in those matchups I'd like to believe so because Darren Waller eight and was often especially the first half this seem like they did little better job in second well you you can't put a corner on a guy like that you you pretty much have to put a safety on a guy like that because he's too big into physical and had just take advantage of you but sometimes that's what happened to me Chris Harris you remember the first game he played extensively after you came in late against that all things it was twenty eleven they play the lines and your and the lions are setting it up to where Chris Harris junior is working in the slot he's staring across the field from Crossland scrimmage from either Calvin Johnson more Tony Scheffler who had a big game that day as well so it's a something to eat you try to set up against a quarterback is still finding his way if the bears do that they might get some big plays for sheen three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five our phone number five six six nine zero the text line gonna come more text coming in we'll get to those Broncos game day brought you by Franklin D..

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