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Time is 50 to some big changes went into effect for Colorado workers Friday. Mandatory paid leave among the new laws going into effect to ring in the New year. Under the healthy families that workplaces act passed by the state legislature, Colorado employers was 16 or more workers are required to provide paid sick and safely. The eligible employees. Employees earn one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours. They work up to a maximum of 48 hours each year and a year from now in 2022 employees that smaller businesses will be able to accrue. Paid sick and save time. Gerry Bell Keohane news radio a new higher minimum wages also in effect. Now, every employee in the city and county of Denver will make it least $14.77 per hour, with few exceptions. Governor. Pulis says the state is ready to move counties in red on the cova Gile toe orange Monday. This will allow restaurants have 25% capacity for indoor dining and allow bars to stay open until 10 p.m.. This comes as Colorado is making steady progress. Vaccinating people for covert 19. We're at about 1.6% of our population has been vaccinated with the first vaccination. They're not Me until they get the second good news for older Colorado's Now people age 70 and older can get vaccinations. The first of two doses should be completed in the next 4 to 5 weeks. 500,000 Coloradans fall into that age group. The Broncos are preparing for the season finale Sunday against the Raiders and empower field. These aren't the Raiders of old or the Broncos of Old. For that matter, Las Vegas has lost five of its last six, the Broncos or five and 10 on the season and in last place in the NFC West. K away news radio coverage starts at eight Kick off at 2 25. I'm in the Stone on K Away NewsRadio, 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 at them from.

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