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Toward the sideline. Did Sean McVeigh throw a challenge flag? Can't imagine they would have told him a challenge. There's the replays show it pretty clearly bounce yet. Charging. Action challenging the ruling on the field of an incomplete pass. Oh, my goodness. Now. Was it a couple of weeks ago? Where? Bill Bella check. It was the game in Buffalo challenged the call. And it was very obvious that they were not gonna win. The challenge he faced had a shot of him on the phone upstairs, just reading whoever it was, they told him to challenge it. I don't know who told Sean McDonough challenges, but this looks very clear that the ball hit the ground and bounced up into the hands of John Johnson. It's very clearly even see the car or whatever that black stuff is. Coming off the turf. But you know what? I would have a guy tell me upstairs if the challenge it or not, And I think I went down is the worst percentage wise winning challenges of any coach that ever but side get angry with him. I would yell at him, but he was trying real hard, too. But I just didn't understand some of this stuff. Those ground up rubber pellets. They used this right, You saw it. It's like, Yeah, Yeah, This should be a pretty quick review. And it is John Husi is already on his way back out. And neither team is taking a punt team off the fields. You do not want to lose a time out that way, though, go on the field stands. It's an incomplete pass. Los Angeles will be charged a time out, and that is the first challenge. They have one left. Well, I don't think especially in a game like this. That just doesn't feel like it come down to a final possession. That's a time out. You may need in the fourth quarter. Absolutely. There's very, very valuable. And I could see it if it was questionable, But that one was pretty clear. Here's the snap to Michael Dixon Dixon with an end over end punt. Webster moving all the way was right. He's got into the 17 yard lot of the far side back across the 20 over the 25 yard line. He is hitting dropped there. Now there's a penalty flag down as well was thrown by the official here. All the near side. 54.

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