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All right abc south as far as their draft i mean i do like the colts so far out of there's houston's jacksonville's i do like there's the best but both like all three jobs haven't really entirely oppressed me okay then you get the tennessee titans draft at sea round around one they take sean evans linebacker out a little out of alabama avery williamson left the team this off season now he's with the jets so there was a need okay linebacker wasn't need you take sean evans boom linebacker no longer need is see how that's done you take the guy you need all right he's going to be a day one starter impact starter album always turns out solid linebacker so i like this pick a lot then round two they take herald landry defensive end out of boston i mean this is already like this job better than anything anyone else in this division did okay herald landry's going to be solved player i'm not sure really why he slit so far down but nonetheless he did and one thing tennessee to their offense are already set up and good to go maybe you do need another receiver and all that but nonetheless i mean defense was the way to go you went malcolm butler fixed up the secondary a bit there and then you get sean evans and herald landry does both impact players in the first two picks then they had a not next big around five they take dane crew ick shank safety at zona and then luke falk he slid bake time in this shaath and it kinda seems like those little bit round quarterbacks known was really too high on them so i'm not really too sure what to thing luke falk pig probably just going to be a backup anything maybe the third guy on the team who knows we i do like the tex titans draft and they had like the least they only had four draft picks in this draft and they still liked it better than jacksonville's houston's are indianapolis all right so i do like the shaun evans pick and the herald andrew pig things impact players from the getgo so we're going to wrap it up here next up let's see let's go.

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