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From going off the deep end don't freak out. Everything's cool just comb trunk healers who song out called you'd better calm down. And that that's, that's the song that just came out and it's, you know, Taylor swift song. And it's not all that, but it's seriously talk about don't give shade on the internet people, especially if they're gay. You know, it's like the whole video, I think is backfiring because people are now saying, well, it's not just that it's gay friendly video to gain Nasha video just watching all my God, so elitist, and so, yeah. Okay, we get it. You're just so happy. People are just getting to the point where they're tired. Tired of these elite has is you leaders basically saying you should do something about this. They do nothing about it. Except they do a video about if it's cool, you know, like, you know, the inner cities right now. People are dying in the inner cities, and, you know, these black people are dying to being shot by cops. They mean shot in Chicago, and all these people think about it. Do they step into the black neighborhoods and help? No. They don't you know, and it's like Taylor swift, you know, this song better calm down, basically, dog it, a shade to gay people on the is if that's all they have to worry about, you know, the gay people only have to worry about shade. They got other things they do with besides whether or not they're getting harassed on the internet. But, you know, does it kind of reeks on your emotional wellbeing? And we always have these campaigns telling us sinus here go here, you know, raise money there. And we're coercing developing this online identity. Pick aside. What are you Republican be the other day? I don't know what your team, I don't know what team you're on by really like your show. What do you mean what team I mind? I do a radio show. My, my I have a team. I hope not Ulysses by showing joys of what team are you on what you want me to be Republican democrat? Christian Satan, is I don't know what are you going to be Jill? All do aluminum. Yeah. A little bit Audi Armageddon. Dotty. It's not not world. Okay. And technology. Does a horrible job portraying identity emotion intent. Yes society puts an emphasis on emotional awareness when you're online. It's a technological paradise. I it's, it's, it's logical paradox that brings with it. Type things. -iety. And post traumatic stress I was reading today. A former Facebook moderator is suing. Facebook. And. The reason why is because the person was a moderator. And they claim that the images that well, she claims the images that she was expected review on the site have given her post traumatic stress disorder. Selena scola. San Francisco worked at Facebook for nine months through staffing contractor pro unlimited also named the litigation there. She claims in the lawsuit, she was subjected thousands of videos images in livestream broadcasts of child sexual abuse. Rape torture, beheading suicide and murder. Now I'm sure there's stuff that goes on Facebook that we don't see. And those bond raiders before we do. They have to clean it out. So. You know, despite I mean, Selena skull actually established a voluntary code for training counseling. Supporting content moderators ten years ago, she's saying now at Facebook has been failing to abide by its own guidelines. According to the lawsuit SCO didn't get the training, she should have gotten in order to handle the distress caused by the job of being a moderator on Facebook and it's by you know. Despite all the things they say they do there are a lot of ugly stories coming out of Facebook. There was a guy by the name of Keith. Utley. He was a Facebook moderator, and he died of a heart attack while working as the moderator for, for Facebook. And here's what's really scary about this Ali was forty two years old. He died at his desk. He had spoken about how the grotesque videos were affecting his mental health. He's went to HR and he says, hey, I can't do this, but you know what he had to keep his job to support his family, former Lieutenant Commander of the coast guard, he was one of the eight hundred workers employed by cognizant, which is a Facebook content moderation site in Tampa, Florida. The stress of the job was crippling Keith who openly expressed that he was struggling with the content. He saw an anonymous worker told the verge website that being completely -sconsin social media, can put you in a state of mind that is unwieldy. Keith was a graveyard shift worker was found slumped over his desk in March last year is colleagues raised the alarm win. They notice that he was in distress started sliding out of his chair. According to the verge to co workers began to perform CPR, but no definitive later was available in the building. And by the time, paramedics arrived, one worker said that Keith had already begun to turn blue. According to one report, many of the staff members didn't even look up from their screens. They heard a struggle to breathe. They, they, they heard the problems going, but it wouldn't even raise their heads from their screens. Many had no idea that Keith had been dead at his desk. They don't know how long you've been dead, but they know that he was dead is desk afterwards. Keita's pronounced dead in hospital, further information about his health history or exact circumstance of death were not released he left behind his wife Joni in two young daughters. So, you know, thinking back of, you know, the, the young lady, who the young woman said that she was having post traumatic stress disorder. And then we have this kief Lee who died forty two year old died of a heart attack. No one really knew he was there dying, but he was it just reminds me of. Part of a script from the TV show. Black mirror. Now for those of you who may not be familiar with black myriads of British anthology science fiction series. It examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technology innovations episodes are standalone. You can watch anyone you don't have to watch. The you don't have to watch one before, whatever you can watch one of them still. They're all stand alone episodes, and usually, they're set in an alternative president, or then your future and often subjected to a darkened satirical, tone. Basically, it's the twilight zone for those were cynical about where technology's taking. That's what I see that it's kind of, like the, the new version of the twilight zone, except it's all about. Technology and it's kind of like a Frankenstein in a way, Frankenstein's, monster in many people acquainted with remember, the TV show, Bander snap. It was on Netflix Spanish Dench, of course. Was that choose your own journey? TV show that was put out by the same people put out black MIR's called Bander snatch. It was it was. It was one of the installments the black near series, and they just did three more. They're on Netflix right now. Not as good as what they have been, but they're pretty good, every everyone seems to be good. But what is terrifying about the series is that most of the stories they present seem to really come true. I mean one is the Social Credit show called tailspin, and they're showing the Social Credit that, you know, you get stars if you're good, you get no stars of your bad. And what's interesting is that now they have that in China. There's also a bad actor score. If you're on Facebook, you just don't know you have when you do, but see the thing about black near is that very few shows of les such a poignant impression.

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