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Gotta be Stewart Haas, right? Yeah, Stewart hostage best case worst case, what will be worse? Case Levin, LeVine, family racing with a Toyota connection or are CR. Kind of a push, isn't it? LeVine, family racing, still, you think it will be worse even if they have JJ cars, even if they have JJ our cars. That's a poorly run company. Yeah. Are CR at least has some sense of what the hell they're doing. They have a car in the playoffs so they know what's up. So interesting, I think. And I think that they have transition to being able to. You know, not coddle, but I guess holster young drivers and figure out what they're doing. And that would be a great stuff. I think that'd be a decent spot for him kind of remold him again. So then next step in that progress in that progression, assuming and kind of taking off what you just said. They're assuming that's, whereas would end up having to deal with Stewart. Awesome. Apparently his agent also was Gutierrez's agent. Gutierrez used to race for Stewart, Haas in Formula one or Haas. Sorry, Haas in Formula. One. Then if you're Daniel Henrich. Okay. Same decision. Same. As Soroush are CR or l f r, but with the Toyota with the Joe Gibbs Tyne and for a young talented driver like that, Joe Gibbs might up the ante a little bit and be like, hey, I'm just going to give you the tricks car. Like you're just going to get the old tricks car and then you guys run it. You still stand by that maybe are there will be a better better place because of the development factor there. Yeah, he's been with the. He knows the ins and outs that team. It's not. It's not a new team is just a new series because he's there this year brings his whole team up already has a communication with this crew chief. He hasn't had learned new things about anybody. I think Henrik thirty one makes sense if it's not swear as a tangible be in the thirty one next year because what we're saying yes, Daniels, whereas Daniel exactly within who goes l. afar you know, I mean, because we're about talking about AJ almond Dinger. Mattia Benedetto definitely case game. He's done. Debated that will. Yeah, Di Benedetto is is that's not a jump a leap of faith for him unless he, he meant that in the biblical sense who you know because they are Jesus. He company. Hold on. Wait a minute. I'm looking at right new contract. You don't want it ends. No, I don't. Allegedly. This is Earl early rumors twenty twenty one. So car for threes. That stupid, that dumb that is, I don't know what they're expecting to get out of that. Oh, God, hopefully it helps. They're expecting him to fix the car like they're expecting him to to really like do what they wanna get Matt Kenseth to do and go. But but Newman ice as more of a car whisper, the MacKenzie has that end fearing background from Purdue that he will let anybody not know about. That's true. That's true. He does. You're right about that. It still scares me though. I mean, I would scare me in terms of, you know, cans of couldn't do really anything with it. And so it makes you wonder how much you know Newman's going to magically be able to do with it. If anything. Ninety five. I think. It's almost like you have to, you have to get solid driver in there. I. I. It's gonna be Jamie MAC. I mean, I think he's going to take the deal. Yeah. Well, why wouldn't you? Yeah. Here's what l. afar is going to do deal junior. They don't. Oh God, that'd be great if they don't get the j. g. r.. The j. g. r. program. I can see them getting afford program. I can see their Chris bell or Cole Custer in that car. Wait, Chris, bell is a Chris bell will be a Toyota guy. Would he. Yeah. So maybe Chris bell in there. If the even if they get the Toyota give you because I'm looking Chris bell rumored in the forty one. I'm like, that's not gonna happen over Cole Custer. I don't think it's gonna happen over swore is either now. So, I mean, I think I think you put Chris bell in that ninety five car and get that Toyota sponsorship dealing just basically get the x..

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