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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases its guidelines today on reopening US schools. The guidelines are expected to recommend masks, social distancing, hand washing and building ventilation. He could also address whether teachers need vaccinations. The United States will soon get a lot more doses of the Corona virus vaccine. The Biden administration is secure deals with Fizer and Moderna to produce an additional 200 million doses of Corona virus vaccine. That means we're now on track to have enough supply. For 300 million Americans. By the end of July, Biden also reminded Americans of the importance of wearing masks while the vaccine is rolling out, saying, quote, it's a patriotic responsibility in Atlanta. Jonathan Serrie Fox News In Wisconsin, nearly 200 Walgreens pharmacies are getting the shots is part of the effort to target underserved areas. Wisconsin officials will conduct an audit of the state's election practices from my district down in western Kenosha County to Rhinelander to superior to Rebated Dane County. They want to make sure that across the state that our elections laws are interpreted it and Uniformed way. State representative Samantha Kirkman, the man in charge of Wisconsin sturgeon fisheries, accused of obstructing an investigation into D N. R. Staffers selling eggs to caviar processors in exchange for gifts and cash. Wardens say that Ryan Kate Ing's confessed to taking part of the scheme for many years. Checking the sizzle. How sports scoreboard the Bucks. Howard, You talk tonight. The Panthers aren't right State for the Bush A Genesis news center. I'm Terry Bell on Newstalk 11 30 W I s AD ABC tonight. It's the premiere of American Idol and everyone's so excited.

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