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I'll just say that's why he's the greatest address. Votes are cutting thing. You're going to be a purist and that's why when you're cutter you not the guys. Hairdresser votaw swallowing. We've come because onto believe he's pure cuts law. There's nothing i'm nobody would say anything else. Trevor you could on the pretty much any discipline in harassing corrine. Monty should came in there. I said unsee moscow. Lo who's created a half eight. Tim har lee markes. Conic cuts us. He built that night Jp mozelle walk right geno. Great stuff you say. Nobody die of the coney cancun gone. Isn't it moustapha. Sorry decision my trevor. Sobe has gone into that. Look we make us in a minute right. So we're gonna move on to men's greatest ever men's hairdresser slash above so li yuen kevin which sarah simon schule moustapha. You went. Tom chapman jess. You went jamie stevens. There's good names there. How can i can understand the reasoning behind many of them. Having kevin lukman has really come on going onto he's the most or rounded headdress of them off as a great barba and he can do. The salonga had jody. Taylor was a name. The i could quite easily put into daffy he's a great mentor. Dale head watkins. Many of you may not know him but he is a phenomenal. Men's hairdresser as he could have gone into that cut in could obtain as stacey borodin. Bruton brelzer do you know these names. You know what a haircut at that guy was. That'd be united lee. Stafford hasn't gone into any days by the way but does could be released there. I think he didn't stall the greatest head cutter. I think the timing source slept since some of his work on there it was beautiful. Seen him do stuff from my head.

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