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Kayvon thibodeaux, defensive end, Oregon. Yeah. Thibodeau is, you know, the knock on him is does he love football, you're starting to see a lot of smoke around the Internet around that. There's some plays he has on film where he's not necessarily given full full max effort. He was dinged up coming into the air with an ankle injury. The kid could have sat out the season and still would have been a top 5 pick. His pressure rate was the second best press rate in the country. I think it was like 16 and a half percent or almost 18% pressure rate. You know, he's not a perfect prospect because of some of his stuff, but I think that's a lot of the smoke that you just hear around draft time. When it comes down to your comp Clowney, who was a guy who I was, he was a no doubt first overall pick, but I even went, I went and saw him live in South Carolina when I was at Sports Illustrated. I wrote him up for Sports Illustrated. I didn't love him. I didn't love him at number first overall. I didn't think that he loved the game enough. And that's the knock on thibodeau. I just think his athleticism is going to allow him to drop too far. The Giants and number 5 select offensive tackle ikem equiano NC state. Yeah, rashawn slater is the right the right comp for him. He loves slater. Even if you think this kid, you know, he's 6 four. He probably has the length to play tackle, even if you think he's a guard, you know, he's like the Quinton Nelson type prospect from a guard perspective. So he's a top 6 or 7 kid. He might even go higher than that. Really kind of clean prospect. And giants fans know that they're offensive lines, a dumpster fire. So at number 6, the Panthers get their we think quarterback of the future. Kenny Pickett from Pittsburgh, mister two gloves himself. Yeah. I've had Kenny consistently go into the since the start of this process going to Carolina. I just think it makes a lot of sense in two ways. One is, you know, they're getting pressure, that franchise to get their next quarterback, Matt rule, extra recruited Kenny Pickett when he was at temple. And moved down to Baylor, ended up going to Baylor and Kenny went to Pitt, but the relationship there. He's the most pro ready of the quarterbacks coming out of the draft, Carolina needs it, and I'm not worried about the hand size playing down in Carolina given a little bit warmer weather and they plan domes. Well, I'll name off some picks if there's something certainly pressing that you want to add on explanation front. Interject, but I think we'll skip into the teens..

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