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Of you who did not stay up for the end of game five in Los Angeles okay fine some of us have jobs that don't require that we stay up all night and talk about sports I get it but maybe you thought the Dodgers offense had done its job at dot to Stephen Strasbourg in the first as well as the second plated three runs on a couple of Homer's by Max monthly and then ki K. Hernandez and Walker Buehler he was good he was exactly what Dave Roberts needed him to be he allowed one run on four hits got out of a couple jams in both the fifth and the sixth inning and then even the seventh now it it started out with a scary moment when Kurt Suzuki had a ball carom off his arrest up into the bill of his helmet knocked his helmet off at him in the face so that was scary but dealers seem to settle down you can imagine how that might rattle a picture John Jones comes into the game but dealers able to get a couple of out and then finally Clayton Kershaw comes on in relief gets the final out of the eight the one two three strike out about a meeting you couldn't have asked for a better formula to that point but see if you turned off the TV gosh you mess and stuff after hours with AB lords on CBS sports radio so this is where the questions began right why was Clayton Kershaw still on the mound in the eighth inning there are other opportunities in the bowl but other guys who were up and instead it's Kershaw who's out there and Dave Roberts said after the game it's Clayton Kershaw I trust him I would still turn to him in this situation because he's one of the best Charles one right don't forgot heavily into deep left center field Taylor going back warning track at the.

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