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Yeah but she sort of bruised battered because she charlotte's ron she's alcoholic she loves patrick wilson right because we all do and now this is a film about a mother who broadly speaking has postpartum depression yes and again it's autobiographical i actually saw an article that was like cudi draws inspiration actual life to write her screenplays and i was like no fucking shit who got paid to write that yeah i mean to say one thing the trailer i loved the minute i saw the trial up in one in cities film and what you'll discover through our review and this is the consensus on every single review and she's spoken about this is that the the trailer misrepresents the film that it is yeah i kind of wish i knew i wish i went into this movie not knowing the trailer which brings me to my point that i always say trailers do nothing but negative things ahead ron how can never make anything positive heard run how talking about this today about solo and he said the whole point of trial is to make sure people see the film and you want to give people a sense of what the film is like without spoiling the best parts of the film and i agree with that so to certain degree like trial that do that that make you wanna see more where trial is miss op is are they show you too much of the film or like in this case they presented a completely different film.

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