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Mantle fully you know rounding out the star studded cast Samuel L. Jackson returns as Nick fury as well as in day who plays am J. and Jake Gyllenhaal mixes and see you debut as Mysterio Ashley Dvorkin fox news ninety eight seven thirteen thirty K. NSF news at three o'clock I'm Steve the sky in eighty seven degrees a twenty seven year old valley center man was arrested in Texas on first degree murder charges that stemmed from an incident that occurred in Wichita last April Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says the suspect Malcolm Norris was located in Texas and extradited to Wichita the shooting took place in the twelve hundred block of north Minnesota at about eight forty PM on April first neighbors reported gun shots upon arrival officers located twenty three year old Marquez Hutton of Wichita outside of a residence with a gunshot wound but unfortunately died from his injuries on the scene the incident was not random and investigators have presented the case to the center county district attorney's office who charged Norris with first degree murder in the death of Hutton Norris is being held in Sedgwick county jail Boeing executive who manage the assembly of the seven thirty seven MAX jets is retiring Eric Lindblad has been with Boeing for thirty four years but the Associated Press reports he will be leaving the company his departure comes amid a crisis resulting from deadly crashes of seven thirty seven MAX planes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that resulted in nearly three hundred and fifty deaths preliminary reports blame those accidents on new flight control software that push the plane's nose is down Lindblad ran the Boeing plant in Britain Washington in The Seattle Times reports he's not being forced out of the company but rather shared as retirement plans a year ago Tanya J. powers fox news this hot weather can have an impact on our pets Candace Humane Society president mark a details Kay and SS news obviously never leave your car your animal in the car that's a big part of what we deal with in Wichita people like to take their animals they think they're going to have a good time they leave him in the car and it gets boiling hot in there within minutes AB says if you have a long haired Pat I hair cut for the summer is a good idea governor Kelly has dropped a policy that extended food assistance to thousands of Kansas adults who failed to meet a work requirement Kelly acted Thursday in response to a potential lawsuit from Attorney General directs met over the policy change even though she says she was not doing anything wrong it was a sensible step toward repairing some of the damage done by short sighted harmful policy making top lawmakers of the legislature argue that the policy change made in may violated a twenty fifteen law imposing work requirements and other restrictions on food and cash assistance recipients Majority Leader Dan Hawkins of Wichita tells chaos and news he asked the Attorney General to take the action up to somebody to say no you can't do that we have a statute and that's what I was doing Kelly says she believes her administration's policy was quote legally defensible but engaging in a lengthy court battle was not worth the cost to taxpayers Dan.

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