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What the Packers Josh Adams running back with the eagles lose all that from the offense side of the football. Plus you lost your defensive coordinator. I don't know how Brian Kelly is going to be able to show up on Saturday and rebuild this quickly to take on a Harbaugh team. I think capable of winning the national championship. To me, there's no excuse for Michigan. Really to lose this game. I think it's gonna take flukes a couple of crazy turnovers if something for Michigan choke and blow this game. I do think both defenses. Notre Dame's gonna Jit be and it's not easy for the wolverines. They're not gonna move up and down the field with a shape. Patterson, I think it's going to be a low scoring game. I might go Michigan something like twenty three seventeen and give me. Give me the total of forty seven. I'm play that state under so Michigan. If you can get plus one right now and under forty seven, two plays in that game. What do you make a first-half unders versus game under? I know you're not huge on it, but just I feel like in college football, if you're gonna go under. I like the first f hundred because you in this case like teams very reluctant to open it up too much. Kind of like the first few rounds of a heavyweight fight. I always liked to air on the first half because you don't have the overtime component, especially spread short could go to then also just like one teams down. They're gonna press more in the second half, you know, it's actually pretty smart play because you you're right about that first game season. They're gonna come out a little bit conservative, little tight, right, right. So that's probably a good way to play it. I don't know if you want to put your unit play a half on the first half hour and a half on the game under or just play the first half under, but that's that's a good idea to that's a good way to look at it because I think we've all been burned on totals when that games go the overtime. Right. I know. But then the fluke touchdown, you have more buffer on a game in the first half though. Right? Shame sometimes especially if the game gets way might loosen up in the second. Half is who's no doubt about that, but I'm gonna call right now. Call Michigan, twenty three seventeen. Under the total. I will tell you a quick story. I was talking to a professional sports better yesterday, and he told me about the worst beat, hadn't his life. He's typically like a nickel or dime player in this NBA total. I think it was one of the first one of the first days of the NBA season like five or six years ago, maybe is balance Mavericks total. He played under something to twelve and he didn't just play this for nickel dime. This biggest Betty maintenance fight went around, played it everywhere in bagasse city, like at least ten thousand bucks on game. Doug, it didn't go over the total until triple overtime. Well, it has Jim been able to get over that loss. You know, Jim. That that line that outcome, painful one game? No, no. I've heard the war story though, so I knew exactly I. Before, but it was just told to me in yesterday and we were shaking our head about some of the bad beach you can have when you play totals things like that. He's outrageous. I got one for you recently the the Monday night game, Rockies angels. You bet. If a team scores and the other team run ever like three way bedding, if a team outscored the other team in an inning, or they have a draw usually draws the favourite, obviously. The grand slam in the top of the seventh or eighth, whatever. It was the Rockies at four, four. And he was sitting there with like minus one eighty three or something because it runners on when he bet it, and then the angels put up a five spot. The bottom of the. Some of the stuff now during that you can bet when they like the angels get to in or something like that, you can play out of that, but still. Pretty painful, right? I'm gonna give you my plays that I like want your thoughts..

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