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Again with apologies for my voice this is our last show of the year our last live joe of the year i should say and it's our last interview of the year with our friend jaime court c o you ortiz the spelling he is the president of consumer watchdog find them online consumer watchdog dot org jamie has been with us doing consumerprotection virtually from the start of the show were over eight years in jamie looking forward to a robust 2018 thanks to be a part of the norman goal vigil for so many years why are we on or jamie we've got to do a year and review now and truth be told this is our last interview 2017 2017 is not been a very good year for consumers consumer financial protection bureau has been subject to a hostile takeover by mc mc poll thany one of donald trump's uh minions uh there's been all ends of uh rollbacks of regulations by donald trump and jamie you and i have been big proponents of regulation we believe the government regulation especially big out of control businesses can can stop these businesses from harming consumers we don't see regulation if it's dunrite of his done smartly if it's done properly as being bad donald trump is said regulation is awful all by itself jamie can we defend regulations now we care morton defend him i mean in california for instance at the end of the year every year organization totals up the savings from what is the strongest insurance regulation america it was uh you know passed by voters in 1988 it was written this law prop one of those three uh which went to the ballot a by our founder hearty rosenfield uh at consumer watchdog and it allows consumers fissile allows for an elected insurance commissioner to say no for auto home property casualty insurance rate hikes that are too high but it also allows individuals to challenge a rate hike if the insurance commissioner won't and say rates are to hire you don't get that rate hike and so just in this west year just organization consumer watchdog with our attorneys have challenged.

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