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Bucci offers coke zero and retrospective you control the board pat. I want this game to happen. And i want jeopardy i wanna host jeopardy. I already applied for it onto the fat. Let's do. Let's do milk for sixteen hundred rob Answer have the answer is dairy cows and mothers produce this for consumption gotten. It'd be orange juice. No melk bing. What is milk milk in the form of a question please. Bushy sauces for twelve hundred thousand deep. Twelve hundred deeper. The category ketchup is not considered by many to be one of these. Well i that that is true. That is true. It's hines hines yes. Yes hines jeffy is. Part of the hines police. I like it and if you're not using heinz you will be fine thank you. We'll shut this place and by the way for all those who are going to tweet out. Well what about tereza carrier. She's hides the hines a all. The actual hines family is not an part of. They're they're not. They're not the to raises. Really not part of it any no in fact she never was she just did. The hines foundation or something was very liberal but the heinz family themselves They're mostly conservative. Quite frankly i don't care if they're all communist card carrying communist. They're ketchup is delicious. And so good. I it by far the worst catch. Warren buffett's company owns it now anyway. So it doesn't matter no. He does richer hathaway owns. Heinsohn what oh yeah. Get out of here. They bought it a while ago. How they own everything i know. She sees amazing the things they own. Now i know. I think they Just as a coincidence. I think they own the train. Company that trucks the oil from canada to the us that trains it. In instead of the pipeline. Could just it sounds very familiar. She's that does doesn't it. So i mean. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. That the pipeline would close down and they'd have to use other means of transportation to ship the oil. It's just a coincidence. And what are you use to drive. The russian is unbelievable. use fossil fuels to train. No those traits. They run on pixie dust. I think right from whatever land and they just use pixie dust in them. Those giant is a solar panel. Just new this out. If you had the option of a pipeline a tinker oil tanker truck or a train. K which is going to be the cleanest mode to get that oil pipeline. Is you think it's the pipeline. Mr know it all. And that's your final answer and finally you have a guest the solar train. What is just leave. It all in the ground. And the ocean not extract. Live in the dark about that okay. We're getting there getting about spoons. For twelve hundred. twelve hundred. Twelve and table are common forms of measurements of this one. And i love to question the same category. That's awesome and milk for two thousand. Let's try milk for two thousand. All right don't know. Bowl of cereal is complete without this queue. And we've done coke zero bill category. We haven't even try it. Let's go deep coke zero for two thousand l. Let's go do thank you. Brand experienced a rebranding to.

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