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Stints our last testing update the Illinois National Guard really truly an amazing group the Illinois National Guard has opened up a second state. Run drive through testing facility in Mclean County yesterday joining our Harwood Heights community based testing site in northwest Chicago and the three federal. Hhs sites in Bolingbrook northlake and Joliet our state run sites have been a huge success and in addition to our McLean county site. We're investigating additional areas around the state to launch potential drive through locations symptomatic first responders healthcare workers seniors and all people with underlying health conditions will be able to visit these sites still due to the federal government requiring federal personnel representation. At our to state drive-thrus. We remain tied to a two hundred and fifty test cap at each of these locations. We know there's greater need at our longer running Harwood Heights site We've been hitting two hundred and fifty tests by just the early afternoon and having to turn people away we'd like to be able to test more than four hundred people a day at these sites and think that we can. We have the capacity to do. So so we're pushing the federal government to change their requirements and allow us to test more than two hundred and fifty people were turning people away that we shouldn't have to and we asked the federal government to remove their restriction. We're also pressuring the federal government on the return timelines of these tests. The private labs contracted by the federal government are taking four to seven days and sometimes even up to ten days to turn around results. That is far too long. We're doing it much faster in the state of Illinois with the capacity that we have of course we can't just test we have to treat an order to treat people we have to increase hospital bed capacity in the daily updates over the next few days. I'll talk more about our acquisition of PP personal protective equipment and our work to increase hospital capacity around the state of course hospital capacity means nothing without the heroes who staff these facilities healthcare workers and first responders are stepping up working day and night and they are saving lives. So I WANNA end this With a message for Illinois landlords who lease to our medical professionals. We're seeing news stories out of other states about nurses being thrown out of apartments or denied the ability to rent their apartments out of fear of exposure by tenants. We're not yet specifically. We've not yet specifically heard of instances like that here in Illinois but let me be very clear that will not be tolerated in our state. I want to remind everyone that evictions are prohibited during this disaster to begin with but I also want to make sure that landlords are not inappropriately terminating leases so let me say this here in Illinois. We are fortunate to have a very strong community of attorneys that are ready to fight for nurses and for all healthcare workers to make sure that their rights are protected. If any healthcare workers encounter this situation they should immediately contact the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights. Under law. I Systems. Thank you now. I'd like to turn it over to Dr Zeke from the Department of Public Health today I am reporting one thousand one hundred five new cases and eighteen additional deaths. They're more they are now more than forty five hundred cases in Illinois including sixty five deaths as the governor mentioned additional testing can help us better understand the amount of virus circulating in our community..

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