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You know look this. Donald Trump's entire political career. The last five years to me is a hallmark up. He never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. The fact of the matter is is that a whole bunch of governors who are all going to put down their rhetorical arms right. Now they need you know. The whole country needs the president to succeed even though people that don't like and yet instead of using that opportunity to be to show like even the tiniest ability I mean just shows you how broken he is. Psychologically sometimes because he can't even show the smallest mark of humility and Elvis or sort of being American I. He continues to be a politician. I that's right Shaq. It would be so easy for him to just say look we were. We were slow out of the gate. Everyone was slow out of the gate. Who knew this was going to happen? But we're doing everything to fix it now and to be magnanimous and to work with these governors and not to cast about for blame and to just get the job done. It's not that hard to try to put people in place to do this now. Forget about what happened in the past disco forward but instead he is. He's looking for people to attack. He's attacking governors. Who SPEAK OUT ABOUT HIM? And it's this partisan sort of personal show up there Instead of being the president all Americans Hey Shannon one of the things that I think that I feel like we haven't made a bigger point of and maybe it's maybe it's just a sidebar note. That's worth discussing. But the you know the the one person in America whose life has been. The least changed is the presence. And I've I've wondered like how little he can but like every even people on his own staff have had their lives impact because they don't live in the building he lives in the building he has has. He doesn't actually have become some of what's happening. Well I will say. There were a number of mar-a-lago trips. We were anticipating that. We have not taken. There were a lot of campaign rallies we were doing about one week on average so firm is not getting the campaign rallies that he used to get But yet I mean that's I think that's always been a There's always obviously been this empathy gap with him in. How does he empathize with someone? Who has both people in the family have lost their job? And you know unemployment is not gonNA cover the bills or had you do empathize with someone who's caring for a sick family member who's been sick for two weeks now. Who is waking up in the middle of the night to check on them to make sure they're still breathing. He has always struggled to empathize with people On a lot of fronts and I think that all presidents probably have difficulty connecting with the average person once. They've been there but I don't think he ever really could act the average person and I think that's always lead to this this struggle we've seen in that in moments of crisis for him to be that consoler in Chief. Cliche that we always use. While we're in the middle of this little breaking news with Bernie Sanders bowing to reality here. Suspending his campaign the day after the Wisconsin primary even though we don't know the actual results yet we're not gonNA know those but before I get to the to the whatever left whatever fall-outs left of that I think that's just feels like A. Oh so he conceded type of thing and then and we move on. There was an oh by the way story in the White House this weekend. That is the White House. Shakeup at new chief-of-staff new press secretary the more things change. Though I assume Phil Rucker the most more things will stay the same. Seems that way. Check look. You can change the people in these jobs but every day president trump is going to be his own chief of staff and his own press secretary and his own lawyer and his own adviser. And we've seen this from day one He's brought in Mark Meadows of a political loyalists in a much more sort of campaign minded person to be his chief of staff in the changes that he's making already in the communications and press operations seem geared towards getting ready for the general election campaign against Biden. bringing press secretary. Who's going to be an on air television defender and spokesperson not really deal at the press necessarily in. Just get kind of a war room operation inside the White House. It's the president becomes fixated on the Campaign Shannon The task force the tension that is clearly starts to bubble up. Whether it's the odd roles. Peter Navarro is playing Or the the president deciding to play Doctor. At times you can see the pain to faces about. Jason Burks. Does this task force state attack for the through the summer or do we think this tension that bubbled is just GonNa get worse as they try to reopen country. Yeah I I don't know that that's that's a good point that we're gonNA come to a the president's patients is GonNa wear off and obviously his patients was starting to wear off You know at the beginning of the month when he was talking about or even before the beginning of the month when he was talking about reopening the country by Easter and the scientists ray had an intervention rained him back in. I mean there's been a number of these moments where his staff not even just the scientists but other staff who get it have had to hold an intervention and rain him back in? So how many times can that be done? And like we have seen through everything in this administration. Those people can only hold back the reins on this president so much before. He is just going to do it his way and say you know. Throw it away. I'm doing I'm following my gut on following my instinct. I'm pulling out of the Paris climate accord I'm putting those tariffs on whatever the drastic thing. He was contemplated at the moment was he does it now. We've got maybe three or four months laughed can they? Maybe they can hold the reins on that long. You know eight or nine months definitely not but I think Especially though as we really get in to the point where he's got a ramp up his campaign and his reelection his focus is going to start to shift there and he's GonNa Start to lose attention in this area and that's where you're going to see the patients where out that's probably where it's going to be. That's that's what. I'm thinking of quick Phil Rucker Peter. Navarro leaking a memo that. He warned about a pandemic in January. I I'm saying he did. I don't know that he did it but it was conveniently time just when he was taking it. Taking a press beating on the Chin over clashing with pouching Lo and behold here comes here. Comes this memo. But it felt like one of those moments where he was trying to brandish his own resume. He did the pre. He ended up damaging the president at the same time. What's more likely with this memo that? This memo was written circulated among mid level staff and blocked from the president or it did get to them and they're just choosing Amnesia. You know it's a good question and I don't actually know the answer but my gut says they blocked it from getting the president first of all the president doesn't actually read a lot of memos He doesn't Rita's daily briefing from the intelligence community. He prefers to be briefed orally. So the idea that they would present a multi paves document to him and he would read. It doesn't really align with reality there but Navarro is known inside the White House. It's as someone always sounding the alarm especially on China. You know a lot of people inside the administration. Don't respect him. They think he's the kind of dangerous and causing trouble all the time. And so there certainly is a scenario where It was kept from getting the president. Because they didn't want the president to overreact about China in the middle of You know what have been pretty tense trade negotiations with that country Yeah he is. He is one of the most interesting characters to cover. White House Mr Navarro was he not yes and I would second what Phil said when my colleagues and I started asking around about this memo People said to US lesson. Peter Navarro is always going around with Psalm. Memo's Chai he's China chicken little right right whether it's something China's comet et cetera. And it was just like. Yeah yeah whatever. Almost of a boy who cried wolf type of thing but of course Peter Navarro. You know to your point that all of a sudden he's supposed to supposed to look like this hero. Who saw it coming? He was in January. It was not a big secret anymore that there was something big happening out there. China shut down an entire city of like eight million people. I think it was That that's something kind of crazy going on so it was on the front page of the New York Times all the time. I'm sure what she imposed as well It wasn't a secret that only Peter Navarro knew about at that level well. I'd said that we were going to dive a little bit into the Bernie thing. But I really don't think there's a lot of impact from Bernie getting out except for one thing the fact that he's out now and not at the convention and there's not drama. This is that I think it I'm curious. I just think it makes it that much harder for trump to exploit you know angry Bernie supporters when it sort of fizzles as early as quickly as this campaign now looks at. This is if it did exactly and it's fizzled Much faster than than the Sanders Campaign did in twenty sixteen for example in. It'll trump will not be able to make the argument that The nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders because standards just didn't have the votes to back up his case he was clearly losing to Joe Biden. It's probably helpful to the Democrats that they're become consolidation now than than in the summertime although there's a real challenge here for Biden to inject himself into the new cycled to get out there when trump is dominating every day and we're in the middle of the pandemic people don't WanNa hear about your college affordability plans or or or any of the other plans at the my I is. He doesn't need to grow avenue. Nobody wants to hear about it right now. So he should he should take it except I do think the one thing to watch for now is how strongly Bernie threw his support behind Biden. And how much help he gives the Biden campaign because that was the complaint the Clinton campaign has had is that he never really gave a full throated endorsement to Clinton and he never really helps them the way they wanted to help. He didn't do the surrogate events they wanted him to do. He did the ones he wanted to do. He had his message not their message so to see if he really becomes a partner to buy an RV continues being Bernie and going off and doing Bernie thing and not actively working against Biden of course in any way our guys. I'm GONNA pause it. There fell and Shannon. Thank you for Working from home. I guess we're all doing that base days. I hope you're staying safe and healthy fan and you have to you go out in public every once in a while. Those briefings your yeah. We have a week in the White House and then two weeks and then a week Mac. Yes so I'm in my I'm in my quarantine phase one gene week. All right yes life. Stop Streep careful guys. Thanks very much. Thanks to after your report danger. We'll be right back with enbrel after quickly..

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