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Is News Radio seven hundred wwl w news, traffic and weather. News Radio seven hundred w ELL Cincinnati. Do not be outside long today. If you have to at all with the five o'clock report, Rick chino, breaking now there are over three hundred actives closings or delays this morning due to today's bone chilling temperatures UC's Xavier n que you all close today as well. As all these schools. Cincinnati public school district. You can get the full list by going to seven hundred wwl w dot com. Windchill advisories in effect as they're expected to drop the twenty to thirty degrees below zero. It does not take long for that type of cold to effect. You. You don't need some fancy Canada goose jacket, necessarily, what really keeps you warm is trapped air, it might seem obvious. But how many of us actually prepare for a disaster in bad weather? Dr Dustin Calhoun with the UC medical center suggesting on Eddie and rocky to keep a small tote been with stuff to protect you. If you wreck your car and get stuck several layers of picker quoting in your glove at people like how much you lose through your head that is crew we tend to exaggerate that. But it is true. Dr Calhoun also recommend staying with your vehicle. Don't venture out McColl looking for help mattress NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w Hamilton county. AMA says people can go to any rec center or library during the day to day in order to keep warm..

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