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This week. It's two honorees for global motorsport star of the week. We know that soon to be nineteen year old Colton hurt. I became a youngest IndyCar driver to win a race last Sunday at circuit of the Americas. But it was also a record setting day one of his bosses George Steinbrenner the port the co owner parting Steinbrenner racing came IndyCars youngest winning team owner ever at age twenty two. Think. Yeah. Those guys are definitely disturbing. Looking at the road ahead at the Texas two step this weekend with supercross in Huston followed by the NASCAR Cup series in Fort Worth IndyCar. Returns april. Seventh from Alabama here on NBC and insa returns, April thirteenth at one beach. Also here on NBC 'Send so little bit of scheduled to get you caught up. And I think that means it's time for fantasy picks, and it's going I be all really we have to get people ready. So you're gonna watch the NASCAR race who should you take as your driver's. I mean. Probably take these drivers because this is the right hick. So yeah. Lauren trick junior fast Giuliano. Kevin Harvick won the fall race air. Cam Rolla being quietly fast every weekend. Kurt Busch has had a lot of top ten top Christmas your team there for Texas is worries from one of his favorite race tracks. Because I know this because I asked him what that's will stay question. Exactly. I won't give you Kerr push being a great pick that I almost picked. And I thought about it. And then I did. And I picked these drivers so Cal Bush, of course, Kevin Harvick you got Jila Gano. I have basically old Team Penske because team has been very fast. I broken record. I know on this show, and then junior added him as my second GR card because I feel like off the eighteen car the one that showed the most speed is a nineteen. I know anyone the five hundred but I just believe that he's been the closest eighteen and this weekend. I think we're gonna see some typical mama half Racine in more than two and three or four different for this could play strength apps. Apps. This appointed in there. I didn't put myself you. So well, I didn't do very well in the races or in fantasy when I had myself Vinci's. So I did I. Yeah. I I went to for weekend. Got this bracelet from a monk. And I'm hoping it changes everything. So it's changed my fancy pits as well. Yes. It has to do with anything helped. Okay. I'm saying of changing everything. Okay. I'm not doing. It's you guys did have three of the same picks the nineteen twenty two in the four five hundred went out there. Yeah. And just thought that they hadn't really shown any speed yet this year, but this is probably the weekend. Okay. Kyle Busch went in this three of He you. went.

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